Bangmod Guru EP.03 How do we choose the general anesthesia? Where? 

Clear all questions that you should know about general anesthesia for breast augmentation. Find out the answers together in Bangmod Guru EP.03 How can we

choose the general anesthesia? Where?

If I want to have breast augmentation, what are the anesthesia methods? 
Currently, the anesthesia that is used for breast surgery is GENERAL ANESTHESIA. First, the doctor will give the medicine via saline solution while the patient inhales OXYGEN for a deep sleep. Then, the endotracheal tube will be inserted to help with breathing during the surgery with LARYNGOSCOPE, making the patient unconscious.

The plastic surgery team of Bangmod Hospital will use the equipment called LARYNGEAL MASK AIRWAY,


which is one type of endotracheal tube. The patient will have less of a sore throat and hoarseness than with a general endotracheal tube. During the surgery, the patient will feel like they are sleeping. They will be unconscious and feel no pain. When they wake up again after the doctor has finished the surgery and suture, sometimes the doctor will wake you up. When the patient wakes up, the endotracheal tube will be taken out. Then, the patient will be moved to the recovery room for observation after the surgery. When the patient is fully conscious, which normally takes about 2 hours, the patient will be taken back to their room.

For safe general anesthesia, it depends on the hospital and personnel. If we choose to have general anesthesia where there is complete personnel, including the anesthetist, trained nurse anesthetist, life-saving equipment with modern anesthesia machine, and the complete medicine and team to take care after the surgery, it will be safe and more comfortable. 
Dr. Phisut Towanit, Anesthetist of Bangmod Aesthetic Center

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