6 problems that you must face about the surgery in 2016
As a matter of fact, it is good to talk about this matter. All things have 2 sides. Surgery often leads us to think about the good side. You will look more beautiful, have more confidence, and have a better life. However, did you forget that there can actually be a bad side? I have been working with the doctor and had a chance to discuss and understand surgery problems from hundreds and thousands of cases.  Here are the most common issues.  

1. Not talking with the surgeon face to face. Before the surgery, it is necessary to talk with the surgeon about your needs as consultation so that the doctor can suggest the best alternatives appropriated with your original structure. 

The problem that might occur is unsatisfactory result, which can make you upset with the doctor and require drawn out corrective surgery. 

For example: Some people may like an upturned nose. Some people like a crooked one. Some people like their nose to look very prominent. We might not know that a person’s original structure may have technical limitations. 

The use of technique, material, as well as the shape must be chosen to be appropriate with one’s original structure to prevent problems in the long run. Therefore, seeing the doctor is the best alternative that we would like to recommend. 

2. Not choosing a specialists. In this case, it means doctors who have an expertise in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Check the doctor’s educational background and work experience to see whether the doctor has passed any trainings or how people have responded to their work.  

Do not make a decision based on a clinic’s advertisement or beautiful reviews from the internet.

3. Something that is cut cannot be returned. Many people come in with the problem of too tight and narrow alar nasi, which makes the nose look too sharp. Some people had done horn-chestnut-shaped lips too much that the teeth are showing all the time. 

It is too late for the doctor to make a correction.

4. Not taking care of the wound or not taking the medicine as prescribed by the doctor. 

Actions that lead to risk of infection

If you choose a doctor as suggested above, you can be sure that all surgery procedures will be done carefully and sterile. Infection after the surgery can occur from many reasons. For example:

- Using a cotton stick in an open bag to clean the wound. We do not know or cannot be assured that there is no foreign objects with it.

- Staying in a dusty and non-sterile area. Not wearing a hygienic mask or putting bandages over the surgery wound.

- The wound comes into contact with water. It is like falling and immediately being injured. The doctor will tell us not to let the wound touch water because the wound will dry slowly and it may cause infection or become damp. 

- Not taking the antibiotics as prescribed by the doctor. Antibiotics are a good shield. We must take the medicine according to the time and quantity as prescribed by the doctor. 

5. Using liquid silicone or Filler. Many people come to consult with the doctor who have had different types of Filler in a surgery. The common problem is that the patients do not remember what was injected. They did not even know the name of the doctor or the clinic where they received the service. The consequence is that we cannot deal with a substance if we do not know its source.

6. Not over doing it but appropriate. It must be understood that surgery is not only about injection, reconstruction, or removal of things that you do not like, actually, it is to shape a part to become like it should be, which may be referred to from medical textbooks for their ratios, like 3 horizontal parts and 5 vertical parts. Or it may come from the physiognomy principle, which is an astrological belief, or a popular trend we’re familiar with. We have met many patients who ask about Rhinoplasty by using their ribs. Some patients understand that the most expensive method will provide the best result, which is not true. Some people do not need to do much surgery. It is a waste of money, waste of time, and more pain with the same result. 

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