Popular New Trend!!! Hip Augmentation for Bouncy Buttocks, Beautiful as You Wish
According to belief, it is said that round hips makes a woman’s waist look smaller with curves and attractive. Some people even believe that round and protruding buttocks will provide good fortune and family. Nowadays, if your hips are not exactly as you want them, don’t worry. Medical science has a solution for you. However, some people are more worried about their beauty in an unsafe way. That will ruin being gorgeous and your money will be spent more on corrections than on the surgery. Today, Dr. Thananchai Atsadamongkhon, Cosmetic Surgery Specialist and Director of Bangmod Aesthetic Center, will give you suggestions so that you will look beautiful, safe, and good looking in the long term in this column. 

Let’s hear the opinions of those who have had Hip Augmentation. How did they feel? 

“The reason for me to have Hip Augmentation was that I thought a beautiful woman must have breasts, waist, and hips. I had small hips, so I consulted Dr. Thananchai Atsadamongkhon. He considered that I could do it, so I decided to do it. I recuperated for about one week and started shooting the drama again. I had less recuperation time but there was no problem. I took care of myself according to what the doctor instructed strictly. The doctor will tell you everything. He will explain about the equipment and how to take care of yourself. It takes less time for the operation. The doctor is very good. I had less pain and bruises. I am very impressed.” The interview with Khun Tukta from LIPS Magazine. 

Thank you for the illustration from LIPS Magazine.

Khun Tukta, Punthiphaphak Suwannarat (Celebrity/Actress/Model) chose to do surgery at Bangmod Hospital with Dr. Thananchai Atsadamongkhon. 

Case Review of Khun Jane, Hip Augmentation with Dr. Thananchai Atsadamongkhon at Bangmod Hospital
“Hello. I am “Jane”. I am 29 years old. Now, I have opened a clothes shop. Before this, I did not feel confident about my hips. When I wore clothes, I had no hips and I lost my confidence. I think most adults are like me. I have been looking for information for years, lots of information. Seeing Hip Augmentation is rare because not many people have done it. I looked for several places and doctors. Each place had different advantages and disadvantages and also different expenses. I looked for information for a very long time and found a review of Bangmod Hospital. I decided to do it with Dr. Thananchai because I looked at the review and the doctor did a very beautiful job. The doctor had done many cases and he gave good consultation. So I decided to have Hip Augmentation here. I trusted in the skills of the doctor.” 

“After the Hip Augmentation at Bangmod Hospital, I felt more confident. I looked good with hips. Everyone said that I looked good in any type of clothes. I felt so confident that I did not need hip supporting underwear anymore. Apart from the Hip Augmentation, another thing that I felt very impressed was the service of the nurses. They were very kind. I was very satisfied. While recuperating at the hospital, the doctor always came to visit. He gave me the advice and how to take care of myself after the surgery. I was very pleased. The doctor was kind and I felt very impressed.” 

Question: Doctor, there is a question from a patient about Buttock Augmentation. She is tall and slim. She has already had Breast Augmentation, but she has not done the buttocks and hips. Her work requires her to show her shape often, so she does not feel confident. What can she do to look beautiful and safe? 

Answer: There are 2 main methods for good, safe, and acceptable Buttock or Hip Augmentation. The first method is Lipofilling, suitable for those who have a lot of excess fat that can be sucked to inject at the hip or buttock. The disadvantage is that the fat can disintegrate and harden into a lump. It is not smooth and difficult to shape. Therefore, this method is not popular, especially in slim people because the fat is often inadequate to be used for the augmentation. 

The next method is more popular and safe with good results, called Gluteal Implant. It is similar to Breast Augmentation by using silicone bags that are specifically for Buttock Augmentation. It can better support force and weight. You can choose the size and shape that you want. The surgery wound will be hidden in the gluteal cleft. The advantage of this method, apart from beautiful results and safety, if there are any problems in the future, it can be corrected. 

In responding to the question, if you are slim and tall, I suggest Gluteal Implant. For the appropriate size and shape, a thorough examination is needed. 

PS. The doctor has given a warning here since there are many patients who have problems and come to consult the doctor about Filler. If it is done poorly, many problems will follow. For example:  hardening into lump, inflammation, and running. When there are problems from these fillers, the correction is difficult and takes more time for the treatment. 

Gluteal Implant 
In the past, Gluteal Implant provided a hard and unnatural buttock. At present, we have a better quality of silicone bags in several shapes, such as round, oval, or teardrop, including surgery procedures which will be done at the gluteal cleft so that the scar is not visible. Then, the doctor will put the silicone bag into the buttock muscle on both sides. The size and the shape of the bag depends on each person’s needs. The surgery technique is similar to normal Breast Augmentation. If you want to become beautiful, you have to endure as you will not be able to sit at all. You must lie down on your stomach or on your left-right sides for 3-5 days. You must not lie on your back. After 7-10 days, you can return to your daily life as normal. 

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