Say Goodbye to Wrinkles with “Forehead Lift”

The wrinkles along the forehead and between the eyebrows can come from several reasons, whether it is facial expressions like frowning, lack of regular good nourishment, environmental pollution, and food as well as the natural deterioration of skin with time when getting older. 

Though there are many procedures in correcting the problem of wrinkles and sagging of the face like Botox, Fine Thread Lifting, Filler, Thermage, or HIFU, these procedures cannot reduce the wrinkles on your forehead as much as you think. The result is not permanent. Eventually, the face will still have wrinkles, which is normal. For example; the lifetime of Fine Thread Lifting is only 1-2 years and it must be done continually. Likewise, the lifetime of Botox is 6-8 months, and then the injection is needed again. 

Therefore, Face Lift is considered to be the procedure that provides the best solution in treating wrinkles. Forehead Lift is the surgery to correct 2 main problems, which are: 

1. To correct wrinkles at the eyebrows, which are horizontal around the forehead.
2. To correct wrinkles from frowning, which are vertical between the eyebrows

There are 2 main procedures of the Forehead Lift, which are endoscopic technique and cutting technique. The advantage of the endoscopic technique is a small wound from the perforation, about 3-5 holes above the hair line. The forehead will be cut and lifted, suitable for those who have less wrinkles on the forehead because the excess skin is not removed before the lifting. 

The cutting technique is a popular procedure since it can solve wrinkle problems in those who need to correct a lot of sagging, and the result is clear because the wrinkled skin will be cut. The surgery wound will be hidden in the upper hair line. Eventually, you will not be able see the wound. 

In case patients receive an inhaled anesthetic, they must recuperate for 1 day after the surgery for safety reasons. Those who receive an anesthetic in the surgery can go home right away. After 1 week from the surgery, patients must come to see the doctor to take the stitches off. 

For post-treatment after the surgery, Forehead Lift is like normal surgery. There will be swelling and reddening in the first 2-3 days. Therefore, patients must lay down in the fowler position with a cold compress to reduce the swelling faster. Do not allow the wound to touch water. After that, the swelling and reddening will naturally reduce. About 1 week, the surgery wound will settle. For the Forehead Lift, the swelling is not much. The most important thing is to take good care of the wound after the surgery according to the doctor’s suggestions. 

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