Bangmod Guru EP.01 How many types of nipple surgery are there? What are they?
Answer all questions about nipple surgery with Bangmod Guru EP.01 How many types of nipple surgery are there? What are they?

How many types of nipple surgery are there? What are they?

Surgery around the nipples is called NIPPLE SURGERY. There are many types of nipple surgery. However, there are 4 main things that patients should consult about where surgery can help.

This is when the nipple is inverted or retracted. Surgery can help, depending on the nature of the patient. There are 4 levels. If the nipples are a little retracted or not retracted at all times, surgery is not needed. However, for example, if the nipples are always inverted or retracted, surgery can be done by stripping the fascia around the areola and stitching back up. Most patients often come to consult about this matter.

Regarding the proper nipple size, there is no textbook that says what nipple is right and what size is too big or too small. It depends on the satisfaction of each person. Most importantly, it must have a proportion that is suitable with the areola and breasts. Some people have big areolas and want to reduce them. But after having breast enlargement surgery, the areolas will look in proportion and corrective surgery is not needed. However, some people who have very big nipples and feel that they are not beautiful can have NIPPLE REDUCTION surgery by removing some flesh of the nipples to get a suitable proportion with the areola and breast size of each person. 

As we know, the breasts can be augmented or reduced in size. The doctor will tell you that surgery can be performed to correct inverted nipples or resize the nipples to a suitable size. The 3rd part that we are going to talk about is the areola. A main problem of the areola is that it can be too big. According to standard textbooks, the diameter of the areola is about 4-5 cm, depending on the body structure. The standard diameter size of the areola is about 4-5 cm. For some people, their breasts will become bigger. For example: If they were pregnant or if too much silicone was used in a breast augmentation. When the flesh of the breast is a lot and sagging, the areola will become big as well. Areola surgery can resize the areola to fit the breasts. This is another problem that patients come to consult about. Normally, the doctor will examine whether the location of the areola must be moved together with a size reduction. When the breasts have expanded, the areola not only becomes bigger, their position will change downward due sagging breasts. Therefore, if there is the problem of sagging breasts with big areola, another type of surgery will be used, which is called MASTOPEXY BREAST REDUCTION. 

Apart from reducing the size of the areola, we have to move the areola upward, including moving the breasts up, in order to have more beautiful breasts with smaller areola in suitable proportion. 

With this method, people do not know that we can make new nipples with nipple surgery and that it is suitable for those who have breast cancer. Some of you may have had their breasts removed due to breast cancer. The areolas are often removed with the breasts. In many cases, the cancer will spread. If it spreads to the areola, it must be removed by performing surgery. After the breast cancer is cured and the breasts have been removed,

we can reconstruct new breasts. Apart from the breast reconstruction, we can also perform NIPPLE RECONSTRUCTION. The remaining flesh and skin at the side of the breasts will be moved up to look similar with new nipples. 

Generally, nipple surgery can be done in many ways. Firstly, inverted nipples can be corrected. Secondly, too large nipples can be reduced. Thirdly, apart from the nipples, big areolas can be reduced to a suitable size. Lastly, those who have had their breasts removed can have their nipples reconstructed again. These are all nipple surgery methods that can be done by plastic surgery.

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