Beauty Battle!! Awesome Thai Surgery, Similar to Korea

In this era, having cosmetic surgery is not strange anymore because there is a change of value, acceptance, and most importantly – better medical technology that provides small wound, less pain, quick healing, and more natural look, which can increase the confidence in many people. So, the popularity has doubled. 

Talking about surgery, many people have to save money so that they can go to have the surgery in Korea according to the trend. Today, we will talk with a well-known Thai surgeon, Dr. Thananchai Atsadamongkhon, Cosmetic Surgery Specialist and Director of Bangmod Aesthetic Center, to hear about the truth. 

Question: What is your opinion about Thai people going to Korea for surgery?

Answer: It is the right of all patients. They can select the place and doctor that they most trust. Part of it is the value and the marketing of Korea with the advertisement and public relations in this matter. 

Question: In Thailand, can Thai doctors be compared to them?

Answer: If not counting the value, marketing, and public relations and only talk about the real essence of the surgery, the surgery technique, the surgery knowledge, the medical technology, potential, and the skills of the surgeon, we are second to none. In the medical industry around the world, we acknowledge that Thailand has the potential to be top ranked for cosmetic surgery. There have been many times when we have been invited to give a lecture at the International Medical Conference. Doctors around the world, like Korea, Japan, and United States, have come to look at new surgery techniques in our country. Many Thai people go to Korea to have the surgery. At the same time, foreigners travel to Thailand for the surgery. The proudest moment as a Thai doctor is when doctors and nurses from foreign countries come to have surgery with us since I consider them personnel in the medical industry, they must have studied thoroughly and really know where to do it. 

Question: As a Thai person, how can you make a publication to let Thai people and foreigners know about Thailand’s reputation in this matter?

Answer: I think investment in advertisement and publication is not sustainable. We should do our best and invest in the development of knowledge, medical technique, how to better take care of the patients before-after the surgery. When we are getting better with these real issues and when our customers receive good results, they will make recommendations. I believe that the customers’ word of mouth about good work, especially in the digital age, is the most effective and sustainable public relations. 

Question: I cannot picture it just by speaking. Can you give me some examples? 

Answer: For example: Recently, with Dr. Kanthicha Chimsiri (Dr. Yui), she is the first Thai woman who won Mrs. International 2016, which is a contest for beautiful women around the world. The contest was held in Singapore. She is a person who has been seriously studying and is knowledgeable in surgery. She had Eye Surgery, Rhinoplasty, and Breast Surgery before entering the contest. She was very impressed with the result. 
When the foreign media asked her about beauty, she answered confidently that she had done surgery with Thai doctors, which made them very interested and interview her in many shows. After she won first prize, she went back to say thank you to the medical team at Bangmod Hospital. She also recommended her foreign beauty contestants to do surgery with us. This is one example of a good result. The word of mouth from customers can create the reputation of Thailand and the Thai medical business. 

Like people said, “Value of people depends on the work.” Lastly, please say something to those who are interested in having the surgery.

The most important thing in surgery is safety. Therefore, you must study about it good and select an infirmary with specialists and equipment that meet the medical standards. Do not believe the advertisements too much. You should study information from the direct source. By seeing the doctor directly or asking someone who had the surgery done for direct experience, you will get more real facts. Surgery is not something you should rush and do. Therefore, you should study carefully about the advantages and disadvantages. When you are ready and confident, you can make a decision. 

Thank you doctor very much. If I have a chance, I will have an interview with you again. 

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