What is good Breast Augmentation? 

Breast Augmentation is considered to a very popular cosmetic surgery, especially with ladies who are small or thin. This group of people have rather small breasts and do not feel confident while wearing clothes. Mothers who used to breastfeed may face sagging problem. Therefore, Breast Augmentation is the answer in building confidence for ladies like us. 

What is good Breast Augmentation?
1. Safe surgery with no medical complications
2. Natural shape and size that is appropriate with the breast structure of each person; not too big 
3. Both breasts are symmetrical and look close together. 
4. Soft touch like real breasts; not hard and cannot feel the edge of the material 
5. Small and smooth surgery wound with no keloid 
6. Less pain and swelling; able to return to daily life quickly 
Example of Breast Augmentation Case