Review of the Natural Breast Augmentation

In the breast augmentation, the size and shape of the silicone must be chosen to suit the physical characteristics of each person for a natural shape, beauty, soft touch, no distortion, and can be with you for the rest of your life.

What is good breast augmentation? 
1. Safe surgery with no medical complication
2. Natural shape and appropriate with the breast structure of each person, not too big 
3. Both breasts are symmetrical and look close to each other 
4. Soft touch like real breasts, not hardened and unable to feel the material
5. Small surgery wound, smooth, and no keloids
6. Less surgery pain, less swelling, and able to return to normal life quickly 

Let’s look at some examples. 
In the first case, she is a person with breast distance, slim, and little flesh on the breasts. The doctor performed the breast augmentation surgery through the armpit so there was no scar around the chest. It was done by using dual plan technique for more naturalness and the breasts looked more closer together. The material that was used was round shape with mentor skin size 315 ml. After the surgery, the breasts increased from cup A to cup C. 

Another case is about a person who has some flesh on her breasts around the lower part of the breasts but the chest base is short. Therefore, the augmentation must be done to suit the short and narrow chest base. After the detailed diagnosis, the doctor suggested an augmentation with the tear-drop silicone and mentor skin size 290 ml. Endoscopic assisted surgery was used through the armpit for a small wound, less pain, and less recuperation time. The breasts increased from cup A to cup C. 

It can be seen that breast augmentation that is appropriate with the structure of each person and with good surgery technique will provide new breasts with natural look, small wound, less pain, and quick healing. The important thing is that you should consult with the specialist first to diagnose and analyze in detail about the surgery procedure, the wound position, and the appropriate size for the best results. 
Information from Dr. Thananchai Assadamongkol, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Bangmod Hospital 

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