Caution!!!! Too Big Breast Augmentation Causes Bad Effects in the Long Term 

I understand that many people who want to do Breast Augmentation want to have big breasts (to make it worth doing). But, according to the medical principle, I do not suggest having a size that is bigger than our body structure. It may look beautiful in the first phase, but it will create bad effects in the long run. You might also have many medical complications. 

1. The weight of the silicone is too big that it will weigh the breasts down and create breast ptosis in the future. 

2. Augmentation that is too big will stimulate the body to create capsular contracture, which can harden and deform the breasts in the future. 

3. Augmentation that is too big will make it look unnatural with the chance of touching the edge of the materials or rippling in the future.

I had the experience in doing corrective surgery for patients who had Breast Augmentation that was too big with harden and unnatural breasts. I would like to give a warning here. 

If you want to have Breast Augmentation, consult the doctor for a thorough physical examination to see whether your body structure is suitable with which size of silicone that will be fit with your body, that is safe, looks natural, has no complications, and can stay with you for a lifetime without any corrections in the future. 

Dr. Thananchai Atsadamonkhon, Cosmetic Surgery Specialist, Bangmod Hospital

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