Say Goodbye to “Drooping Eyes” and “Crow’s Feet” with “Temporal Lift” by Bangmod Technique 
Help!!!! “Drooping Eyes” What should I do? 
When we are older, naturally, the side of our eyes will droop first and droop more than on the inside. Normally, we call this symptom “Drooping Eyes,” which often occurs together with drooping eyebrows and crow’s feet around the temples. How can we correct these problems? Today, we have the answer for you. 
How to correct “Drooping Eyes” by using surgery. There are many procedures with different advantages and disadvantages as follows:
1. Double Eyelid Surgery
By cutting the excess skin and fat, the wound will be hidden along the fold of the double eyelid. The advantage is that it is easy and you will also get the double eyelid. The disadvantage is that the wound is long. When closing the eyes, the scar is visible and longer than the eye socket if you need to maintain the excess skin at the side, and it looks unnatural. 
2. Sub-Brow Lift
The advantage of sub-brow lift is that the wound is hidden under the eyebrow. There is no wound on the eyelid. The disadvantage is that the distance between the eyebrows and the eyes is shortened. The eyebrow tails will be pulled down if it is incorrectly done. The result is not permanent and unnatural.
3. Temporal Lift 
This is a new technique that applies the Upper Face Lift to be used with the eyes. The advantages are:
- Able to lift the eyes more 
- Provides eyelids with a better look
- Corrects crow’s feet 
- Lifts the eyebrow tails
- Lift the cheekbones
- Reduce wrinkles better at the nasolabial fold
- Provide a younger look 
- Provide a natural look
- The wound is hidden at the hair line around the temples. 
It is said to be the best procedure with the most benefits and permanent result. The disadvantages are that the expense is high and must be done by specialists. 
Temporal Lift by Bangmod Technique is a minor surgery with the need of anesthetic and takes only 30-45 minutes. The wound will be hidden at the hair line around the temples. The advantages are less swelling, less pain, and able to go home right after the surgery. The appointment to take the stitches off is within 1 week. The result will become noticeable within 1-2 weeks. 
The results after Temporal Lift by Bangmod Technique are:
1. The drooping eye is lifted, providing better eyelids since the excess eyelid is lifted naturally. 
2. The drooping eyebrow tails are lifted properly and naturally. 
3. Reduce crow’s feet clearly and permanently. 
4. The sagging malar area is lifted, providing a younger look. 
5. Reduce the nasolabial fold, providing a noticeably younger face (5-8 years on average). 

After hearing the technique, let’s see the review together. This patient is a 51-year-old woman. She needed a surgery that can make her face look younger and provide non-saddened eyes. After a thorough examination, it was found that the patient already had a clear and beautiful double eyelid but the construction of the eyes at the side were low (dropping eyes) and there were crow’s feet at the temples. These are the important parts that make the patient look older with saddened eyes. 
The cosmetic surgery team at Bangmod Hospital performed a Temporal Lift to lift the dropping eyes, correct the crow’s feet at the temples, and tighten the upper face. The cheekbones were lifted by hiding the surgery wound along the hair line.
- A local anesthetic is needed in the surgery. The surgery takes about 30 minutes.
- After the surgery, there will be bruises for the first 2-3 days. The wound will heal and the stitches can be taken off after 1 week. 
- After 2 weeks, it will settle. The wrinkles will reduce. The eyes and eyelids will become better. The face will look younger naturally. 
o Good surgery relies on a thorough examination before the surgery. Surgery by a specialist together with post-treatment after the surgery will provide the best results. 
o An Eye Lift will permanently adjust the eye shape. You can choose the level of eyes according to the preference of each person. 

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