Good “Physiognomy” or “Beautiful” Face 

The science of belief, though it cannot be proved in terms of science, it has been popular and practiced according to the belief of each individual in all generations, no matter how the world has changed. Likewise, the science of Chinese physiognomy also believes that if all areas on our face are in a good shape according to the principle, it will bring wealth, fortune, money, and good future to that person.  

“Facial Physiognomy” consists of 5 important spots, which are the ears, eyes, nose, mouth, and forehead. “Ears” that are big and have a thick edge are good. It indicates that the person has had an abundant life since a young age. Good “eyes” must be small with an upward slant and a bright expression, not bulging like goldfish. 

For Chinese, the “nose” is an asset of the face. The end side must be round, big, and thick. If women want to choose men, they must have a full and big face with a wide nose bridge. If it is too slender or looks like a basin, it means that they cannot keep money. 
The “mouth” must be big and with full lips. If the mouth has a horn chestnut shape, which matches the mouths of celebrities, it is considered good physiognomy. A square mouth, like the mouth of a cow or horse is very good. It means the person can keep their word and is sincere. 

The “forehead” must be high, which means that person is eager in learning with a wide vision. However, a person with a wide forehead means that that person has had an abundant life and is well taken care of. A full and wide forehead with a round face is very good physiognomy. The husband will be rich and take good care of you. He will be a very considerate person. 

However, an interesting observation is that in the past several years, the belief in physiognomy has been connected with cosmetic surgery, which has caused the phenomenon of “physiognomy surgery,” such as Horn-Chestnut-Shaped Lips Surgery or Nose Augmentation, in the hope of changing one’s fate from bad to good. 

Dr. Thananchai Atsadamongkhon, Cosmetic Surgery Specialist of Bangmod Aesthetic Center, has describes physiognomy surgery:

“Many people come for Rhinoplasty because they want to have good physiognomy. However, a beautiful nose according to physiognomy is often not beautiful. According to medical principle, it must be appropriate and suit the facial structure. For example: the alar nasi must not be wider than the width of the canthus, the length of the nose should be 1/3 of the facial length, or the highest point of the nose bridge should be between the head of the eyebrows and the canthus, etc. 

Physiognomy Rhinoplasty might not be beautiful according to personality. For example: sexy women may often like a tall and prominent nose, which is called “outstanding.” Anyone who looks will know that they have had Rhinoplasty. They like people to notice. Meanwhile, neat women may often like a moderately high and natural nose. They do not want people to know that they had Rhinoplasty done. This is called “natural beauty.” According to physiognomy, a nose with a lot of flesh at the alar nasi and the tip of the nose means being wealthy and rich. However, the tip of the nose that is crooked in a teardrop shape or sharp may look beautiful, but it is not good according to physiognomy. Therefore, the type of beauty you want must be chosen carefully. 

Moreover, physiognomy surgery can be done only for some things and some of the things are not safe. For example: You want a lot of flesh at the tip of the nose, so you put Filler there. It should not be done. 

Therefore, all men and women should study the information from experienced specialists for thorough and reliable information.  

The surgeon warns to think before doing surgery. 

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