10 Reasons for Choosing Surgery at Bangmod Aesthetic Center
If asking, “Why do you want to do the surgery?” each person will have different reasons. Some will say to correct a defect of the body. Some will say for more confidence. Some will say for better Feng Shui. If asking, “Where will you have the surgery,” how will you give the reasons for your selection? 
One of the most important things for the surgery is “the surgery infirmary” since there are many infirmaries for cosmetic surgery. What are the reasons in choosing an infirmary? Today, we have 10 reasons for customers to choose Bangmod Hospital for the surgery. 

Reason 1 is Expertise. 
The surgeon team of Bangmod Aesthetic Center are Cosmetic Surgery Specialists who graduated and passed the training in cosmetic surgery from both domestic and foreign countries with more than 30 years of experience. 

Reason 2 is Bangmod Technique.
The medical team has developed the surgery technique called “Bangmod Technique,” which is a special technique of Bangmod Hospital that can provide small wound, less pain, quick healing, and natural look. 

Reason 3 is Cleanliness. 
The Center provides the service with international standard and safe medical equipment. All equipment must be sterilized. The temperature in the surgery room must be appropriate. The antibiotic is given through the blood vessel. The surgery procedures must be sterilized and not take too long. It has built the confidence in customers for a long time. 

Reason 4 is Safety. 
In the surgery room, it has all the life-saving equipment in case of emergency. The necessary medicines are equipped with blood pressure monitor, oxygen meter, heart rate monitor, and the inhaled anesthetic equipment for the safety of the patients in case of emergency. The blood pressure monitor, heart rate monitor, oxygen meter, inhaled anesthetic equipment, and breathing tube must always be fully equipped, including the surgery tools, such as scalpels, etc.   

Reason 5 is Readiness of the Personnel
The most important thing in surgery is safety, “Patients must be as safe as possible throughout the surgery.” Therefore, it is necessary to have the staff, doctors, nurses, and assistants closely take care of you. There must be an average of 6-7 staff per 1 patient, which are 1. Surgery Doctor (Surgeon); 2. Assistant Surgeon Nurse; 3. Scrub Nurse; 4. Assistant to supervise around the surgery room; 5. Anesthetist; 6. Anesthetist Nurse; and 7. Assistant Anesthetist. 

Reason 6 is Opportunity to Inquire for Information 
Before the surgery, the doctor will give you the opportunity to inquire for any questions about the surgery straightforwardly for mutual understanding about the surgery procedures and the following results. 

Reason 7 is Professional Service
The nurses provide friendly service in a good spirit in a professional standard, which can make you impressed and recommend to other people. 

Reason 8 is Skills of the Specialist Surgeons  
The medical team has outstanding and expertise surgery skills of opening and closing the wound quickly to reduce bruising. The Rhinoplasty and the Double Eyelid Surgery take only 15-20 minutes.  

Reason 9 is Equipment and Materials at an International Standard 
The equipment and materials that are used in the surgery are of medical standard and accepted at an international level. You can be confident about the safety. 

Reason 10 is Reasonable Surgery Form 
You can choose the form of surgery that is reasonable and responds to your needs and purchasing power. 

Moreover, the surgeons of Bangmod Aesthetic Center are well-known specialists with more than 30 years of experience. For example: Dr. Surasit Atsadamongkhon, Cosmetic Surgery and Facial Structure Specialists and Dr. Thananchai Atsadamongkhon, Cosmetic Surgery Specialist. These are 10 reasons why customers can trust and be confident in having cosmetic surgery at Bangmod Aesthetic Center, for all customers to be confident in the beauty and safety from us for maximum benefit. 

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