Hello. It’s been only a short time and we’ve entered the last month of the year 2017. Oh! How time flies! Of course, throughout the year 2017, Bangmod Aesthetic Center has kept the statistics for its surgery service. Today, #beautifuladmin summarizes “The 5 Best Surgeries of the Year 2017” for everyone’s information. 

5th Place: “Nose Augmentation” 
Nose augmentation at Bangmod Hospital is popular since we emphasize a natural shape. When talking about nose surgery, everyone needs beauty and a naturally prominent nose. Of course, you will not be disappointed at Bangmod Hospital because the doctors use a special technique to perform the nose augmentation surgery that responds to the concerns of the patients, or what is called “Bangmod Techniques”. Bangmod Techniques focus on natural beauty and proportions, which provide a good look with more dimensions. Also, the doctor have the experience and expertise in this particular matter. Therefore, those of you who want to have a nose augmentation must think about here as the first place. 

As for the question of how to make the nose look beautiful, the answer is that a proportionate position and the surgery are very important. Normally, we called it the Golden Ratio, which is the calculation of ratios and the level of the nose bridge that provide the perfect augmentation and is widely accepted internationally while maintaining the outstanding features of each person’s face and their unique identity. 

4th Place: “Breast Augmentation”
It must be accepted that all females want to have beautiful and natural breasts. Nowadays, anyone can have breast augmentation, but it all depends on the decision of choosing the hospital, a professional doctor, the standard silicone, and modern surgery techniques. 

Bangmod Aesthetic Center has been renowned for breast augmentation surgery for a long time with modern medical technology. The latest special technique of the hospital for breast augmentation, “Bangmod Techniques” is widely popular and well-known for its naturalness, providing the look of real breasts you can hardly tell the difference. The doctor will perform the surgery with the Dual Plane technique and minimally invasive surgery so that the patient will have less pain, quick healing, and the most natural look, which can be found only at Bangmod Hospital. 

3rd Place: “Gluteal implant”
There is the belief that women with open hips will make their waist look smaller with curves that can attract other people or some people even believe that open and curved hips will provide benefits to property and the family. Nowadays, if your hip does not look like what you want, do not worry. The medical profession has the solution for you, which is gluteal implants. We do not have to say how popular it is since it is guaranteed in 3rd place.

The silicone for gluteal implants is like in breast augmentation with silicone bag. However, the silicone bag is specifically for the buttocks, which support more force and weight. You can choose the size and shape. The surgery wound will be hidden in the groove of the buttocks. The advantages of this method are that it is beautiful and safe. If there is any problem in the future, it can be corrected. 

2nd Place: “Double Eyelid Surgery”
Those of you who have relatives or acquaintances that have had double eyelid surgery at Bangmod Hospital before will know that this place is very famous for double eyelid surgery because your eyes will look beautiful, smooth, and very natural after the surgery. It can be said that actresses, celebrities, or those in the entertainment industry who would like to have double eyelid surgery must definitely have the name of Bangmod Hospital in their top list. 

The prominent points of having double eyelid surgery with “Bangmod Techniques” are less pain, less swelling, quick healing, and natural look. Even with your eyes closed, you will not see the wound. We use the special technique called “Bangmod Technique” which uses laser instead of cutting so that the wound has less swelling and can heal quicker. The removal of excess fat and the suturing that are done from the inside of the eyes are to prevent an external wound. The layer that you will get from this technique will look natural. It will stay permanently and there will be no appearing scar when the eyes are closed. On average, you can wash your face and wear make-up normally in only 1-2 days.

1st Place: “Face Lift”
Coming to the champion of our surgery list is the full facelift. It is very popular at the moment. In the medical industry, it is considered to be a surgery that can reduce the age the most and surgeons around the world have developed techniques for this surgery continuously. 

At last! Thai surgeons from Bangmod Aesthetic Center have presented new techniques for the face lift, which the medical team has studied, researched, and developed for more than 30 years. “Face Lift by Bangmod Techniques” can lift the face and reduce your age more with more natural look, and more permanent results under the concept of “small wound, less pain, quick healing, and natural look”. 

Let’s look at a sample case. This is a case when a foreigner came to consult with Dr.Thananchai Assadamongkol and decided to have the face lift surgery. The result was considered to be very changing. This patient was very satisfied with the result and said that “I’m so happy now. The result is AMAZING!! You made me younger than I imagined”.

From this case, many patients decided to change themselves because they all believed in the skill of the doctor and the technique and the renowned surgery method of Bangmod Hospital. The feedback was excellent!!! It is more than expected. Patients have been asking so much that Facebook Fanpage of the doctor is almost down. 

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