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Bangmod Guru EP.04 Prepare (emotionally) before the breast augmentation

From the questions that many women have asked about how to “prepare yourself before the breast augmentation”, let’s find out the answer together in Bangmod Guru EP.04 Prepare (emotionally) before the breast augmentation.

Bangmod Guru EP.03 How do we choose the general anesthesia? Where?

Clear all questions that you should know about general anesthesia for breast augmentation. Find out the answers together in Bangmod Guru EP.03 How can we

Bangmod Guru EP.02 How many types of silicone for breast augmentation are there? What are they?

Answer questions about the silicone for breast augmentation in Bangmod Guru EP.02 How many types of silicone for breast augmentation are there? What are they?

Bangmod Guru EP.01 How many types of nipple surgery are there? What are they?

Answer all questions about nipple surgery with Bangmod Guru EP.01 How many types of nipple surgery are there? What are they?

Sagging Face can be corrected with “Face Lift” Technique

Face Lift is the best method to make the face look younger. However, it must rely on a thorough analysis before the surgery and it must be done by specialists.

How to prepare yourself before and after Abdominoplasty?

How to prepare yourself before and after Abdominoplasty?

I am more beautiful because I had the surgery.

I think that nowadays, surgery is not scary and embarrassing.

Interview with Dr. Thananchai Atsadamongkhon, Bangmod Hospital

“Bangmod Hospital has been open for more than 30 years from the pioneering of my father. There is treatment for general diseases as well as cosmetic, which has created our reputation in terms of cosmetic surgery.

Nose, Beauty, and Physiognomy

When looking at people’s faces, the most notable point is the nose.

Get to the point: “Who should not have the surgery?”

At present, when talking about “the surgery,” it is a normal thing that is widely accepted in society. With more developed technology these days, surgery provides beauty that can meet people’s needs quickly.

Caution!!!! Too Big Breast Augmentation Causes Bad Effects in the Long Term

I understand that many people who want to do Breast Augmentation want to have big breasts (to make it worth doing).

Techniques for Self-Care of Mrs. International 2016

Dr. Kanthicha Chimsiri or Khun Yui, Mrs. International 2016 and the beautiful Brand Ambassador of Bangmod Aesthetic Center.

Review of Stunning Nose Augmentation

There are many types of beautiful nose augmentation, depending mainly on what you desire.

Good “Physiognomy” or “Beautiful” Face

The science of belief, though it cannot be proved in terms of science, it has been popular and practiced according to the belief of each individual in all generations, no matter how the world has changed.

Illegal Doctors are Dangerous. Choose before Thinking about Surgery

It is big news about illegal doctors who claim to be real doctors and do surgery on patients. I have to tell you that it is very scary.

Why do mothers have to look girly, beautiful, and young all the time?

All mothers must have heard the sentence, “Born to be a woman…never stop being beautiful.” Is that right? Because beauty and woman belong with each other????

New trend: Bouncy Bottom Surgery! Review of Safety Gluteal Implant

Let’s look at the examples safe gluteal implants. You will truly have a better figure, hour glass shape, open hip, and bouncy bottom.

Model Style: Review of Hip Augmentation with a Model Look

From a simple girl to a new and stunning look.

Reveal the tricks of the double eyelid at Bangmod Hospital!!

Reveal the tricks of the double eyelid at Bangmod Hospital!!

Cosmetic Surgery is a Top-Class Art!!!

I have always thought that cosmetic surgery is an art.

Breast Review from Nong Ket by Dr. Thananchai Atsadamongkhon

Hello. I am Mrs. Sirada Sirithap. I am studying in my senior year at Rajamangala University of Technology Isan, Nakhon Ratchasima Province.

Mommy Makeover: Is it time for “mother” to “change”!?!

The main problems of aging mothers or mothers with children are definitely sagging breasts, excess fat, abdominal stretch marks, and wrinkled facial skin, right?

Premature Beauty!!

Every day, the doctors and nurses often receive questions from patients about the Face Lift. Today, we have a case and appreciation from a 52-year-old woman, who will tell you about her real experiences after having a Face Lift and Temporal Lift.

Rhinoplasty with Non-Standard Silicone

Rhinoplasty with non-standard silicone…..deterioration, decay, inflammation, and infection!!!!!!

Review for Neck Lift!!! Can it really correct wrinkles and wattle neck?

When getting older, it is normal to have many wrinkles. Apart from the wrinkles on the face, the “neck” is another part that can change according to our age, including wrinkles and wattles at the neck!!!!!! (Don’t want to think about it) However!! These p

Complete beauty with Bangmod Techniques

Complete beauty with Bangmod Techniques can make you beautiful with less pain, quick healing, and natural look by specialists with more than 30 years of experience.

Review of the Natural Breast Augmentation

In the breast augmentation, the size and shape of the silicone must be chosen to suit the physical characteristics of each person for a natural shape, beauty, soft touch, no distortion, and can be with you for the rest of your life.

Stunning Work Collection!! of the Year 2017 of Dr. Thananchai, Bangmod Hospital

Last year in 2017, Dr. Thananchai Atsadamongkhon, specialist in cosmetic surgery and Director of Bangmod Aesthetic Center, performed more than 1,000 cosmetic surgeries for customers.

Skin Peeling with Crystals (Microdermasion)

“Smooth and bright skin” is something that young people wish to be confident in to meet other people and in their daily life, whether in school age or working age.

“The Beauty” Project to win Free Surgery from Bangmod Hospital

If you have plenty of abilities, whether it is singing, dancing, acting, or other unlimited special talents;

“Face Lift...Age Cheating Surgery” Beauty Trend of Elders

Apart part from your identification card number that specifies your age, wrinkles on the face is another thing that can reflect age.

Fat or Filler is better?

This is a question that most patients always get confused with when looking for information about filling the face.

Fat Transfer to Adjust the Facial Shape

“Organ transplantation and Fat Transfer” are developed to respond to those who are passionate in filling the face to look plump and lively.

“Face Lift for Wrinkled Face”

In this era, both females and males do not want to look old in other people’s eyes and are trying to find a way to always look good and beautiful.

How many methods are there in #Rhinoplasty?

For those men and women who are now studying for information about Rhinoplasty, they must feel quite anxious in making a decision, which is caused from fear since they have never had an augmentation before.

Reveal the secret of “Ionto” for beautiful facial skin with no acne, blemishes, and dark spots

It is believed that “bright facial skin with no acne, blemishes, and dark spots” is a thing that all men and women wish for to feel confident when meeting people and living their daily life, no matter during school or working ages.

Unknown Touch, Unnoticed Look!!!!

“How to have the most natural Breast Augmentation with “unknown touch, unnoticed look”!!!!!!!”

6 problems that you must face about the surgery in 2016

As a matter of fact, it is good to talk about this matter. All things have 2 sides.

How to prepare yourself before and after “Face Lift and Eyelid Plasty?

Preparation before the surgery and how to take care of yourself after the surgery are considered to be very important because they can provide the surgery with #moreconfidence and better results. What are the interesting things to know? Let’s see.

Reveal “Phonophoresis” technique for beautiful, undull skin, and non-premature wrinkles facial skin

It is believed that everyone wants their face to look “bright with no dull facial skin and non-premature wrinkles, especially around the eyes,” is that right??

Full-Facelift, the New Technique!!

The face lift has been done for ten years, which in the medical industry, is considered to be a method that provides a young look with more permanent results.

Filler or Silicone for Chin Augmentation?

The popular question that has been asked via inbox is “I want to have Chin Augmentation, but can I use my own fat?” Many people think that our own fat is the safest, isn’t it? Our own fat is surely safe but why does Admin like to suggest to use silicone f

Beauty Battle!! Awesome Thai Surgery, Similar to Korea

In this era, having cosmetic surgery is not strange anymore because there is a change of value, acceptance, and most importantly – better medical technology that provides small wound, less pain, quick healing, and more natural look, which can increase the

Be Perfect! Popular Surgery Trend in 2018

Anyone who has followed the top 5 popular surgery trends of 2017 may already know that the Champion and Vice Champion of Cosmetic Surgery in 2017 was the Face Lift and Hip Augmentation.

Why do mothers have to look girly, beautiful, and young all the time?

All mothers must have heard the sentence, “Born to be a woman…never stop being beautiful.” Is that right? Because beauty and woman belong with each other????

Beauty Tips of “Bangmod Technique” with the Top Surgeon of Bangmod Hospital

Beauty and women come together. Of course, in a changing era, cosmetic surgery has opened up and is acceptable and has become a normal thing.

Pig Nose

Apart from an adequate cost and prepared information, the selection of nose-shape with the understanding about the proper corrective principle is one of the things that both men and women must always be aware of.

Horn-Chestnut-Shaped Lips are the most beautiful in the world!!!!!!

Lip Surgery is very popular at this moment, whether they are making thick lips, thin lips, or making “Horn-Chestnut-Shaped Lips.”

Ectropion!!!!! Actual facts after improper Eye Surgery!!!!!!

Lower Blepharoplasty relies on a thorough analysis and adequacy, not too much and not too little.

Cosmetic Surgery 4.0

Moreover, information technology can provide knowledge about the cosmetic surgery to other interested people through slides, such as pictures of Before/After; and motion, such as video clips

The 5 Best Surgeries of the Year 2017

Hello. It’s been only a short time and we’ve entered the last month of the year 2017. Oh! How time flies! Of course, throughout the year 2017, Bangmod Aesthetic Center has kept the statistics for its surgery service. Today, #beautifuladmin summarizes “The

Revealing a “Young Actor,” Enjoying Today because of the “Surgery”

Dreams may not come true with only one component. “Min,” a 21-year-old Chiang Mai boy dreamed about being in the entertainment business.

Good Doctor!!

Hello. Today there is another impressive story from the medical team and nurses of Bangmod Aesthetic Center.

Uncovering!! Surgery at Bangmod Hospital

Hello. I am the staff at Bangmod Hospital. My main job is helping the doctor and the hospital answer questions in FB or what other people call Admin.

Those who want Breast Augmentation must read!!!!!! Complete with everything that you need to know

Hello. Many of you are looking for information about Breast Augmentation. What style?

Natural Breast Augmentation

Most people who have Breast Augmentation want to have bigger breasts so that they will look better, look more beautiful with the clothes on, and have more confidence. However, they do not want other people to know that they have done Breast Augmentation.

Popular Host: Review of a Breast Augmentation Case with Dr. Thananchai at Bangmod Hospital

“After the surgery, the breasts were in a good shape. This is about one month after the surgery. The wound is small and heals very quickly. Now, I do not have to bunch my breasts up anymore. I feel confident in any clothes I wear.”

Best of the Best!! Face Lift by “Bangmod Technique” for the New You to Look Younger

Cosmetic surgery in Thailand at this time is becoming very popular, especially for age reduction surgery or Full Facelift.

Cool Bangmod!! Invents new Face Lift Technique to reduce age

Bangmod Hospital shows the surgery technique for “Face Lift” with a new technique called “Bangmod Technique”

Thai Surgery “Beautiful as Order”: Why going to Korea?

“Thailand is famous for being the medical center of Asia that features technology, medical personnel with expertise, and a high standard of medical service, which can be measured from the statistics of tourists who travel for medical reasons, which is inc

New Technique for Abdominal Correction with “Modern Abdominoplasty”

It is said to be a major problem for those who have the accumulation of fat around the abdomen, sagging and loose skin with stretch marks from having a child, or the rapid loss of weight, even with many procedures to solve these problems, such as the lipo

Keep an Eye on the Surgery Trend

The context of beauty plays an important role in driving life, including the attitudes of female thought about beauty which are still changing and expanding

Wow! Amazing

From the words “Could not resist” came the story “Wow! Amazing,” an impressive story about patients at Bangmod Aesthetic Center, which were relayed and composed to share good things.

“Surgery” is not “Fashion”

“In all cosmetic surgery, there are more risks when you make a correction or do it repeatedly. For example:"

Caution!!!! Too Big Breast Augmentation Causes Bad Effects in the Long Term

I understand that many people who want to do Breast Augmentation want to have big breasts (to make it worth doing).

What is good Breast Augmentation?

Breast Augmentation is considered to a very popular cosmetic surgery, especially with ladies who are small or thin.

Review Buttocks Augmentation and Hip Augmentation!!!

Many people may not know that nowadays there is Buttocks Augmentation/Hip Augmentation for a good shape that is safe according to medical principles!!!

10 Reasons for Choosing Surgery at Bangmod Aesthetic Center

If asking, “Why do you want to do the surgery?” each person will have different reasons. Some will say to correct a defect of the body.

Say Goodbye to “Drooping Eyes” and “Crow’s Feet” with “Temporal Lift” by Bangmod Technique

When we are older, naturally, the side of our eyes will droop first and droop more than on the inside. Normally, we call this symptom “Drooping Eyes,” which often occurs together with drooping eyebrows and crow’s feet around the temples.

Say Goodbye to Wrinkles with “Forehead Lift”

The wrinkles along the forehead and between the eyebrows can come from several reasons

“Dhamma” helps with the Inside, “Doctor’s Knife” helps on the Outside

The research of foreign countries confirms the fact that applying Buddhism practices into daily life, such as meditation, causes less physical deterioration and provides a younger look. To make it easier, meditation can truly slow down the aging process a

“Sai – Em” won “THE BEAUTY”

After going through the first round from 600 clips, we got the winner for “THE BEAUTY,” the contest for talented people who lack confidence with their body and appearance

Grateful Doctor…Surgery to Cure Mother!!!

“It was the proudest moment of my life in having a chance to perform a surgery to cure my own mother. I used the knowledge and surgery techniques that I have been learning throughout 15 years of being a doctor to repay the kindness of my mother.”

Dr. Thananchai Atsadamongkhon, Bangmod Hospital

I was lucky to graduate in the medical field and become an executive of the hospital. My medical study allowed me to learn about all operation procedures of the hospital.

Look at the review of “Advanced Face Lift.” What a young face!!!!

Today, let’s look at opinions from patients after having “Face Lift” surgery with the new technique at Bangmod Hospital.

Tips (not secrets): How to have beautiful and natural Rhinoplasty??

When talking about Rhinoplasty, everyone wants it to turn out beautiful and naturally prominent.

About “Lips”

Presenting the trend for Lip Surgery!!! Lip Surgery has been going on for more than 100 years. The popularity and preference in each era vary according to the trend and mouths of famous celebrities at that time.

Before and After Preparation after “Hip Augmentation”

Hip Augmentation is considered to be very popular among Thai women in the new generation who want to build their confidence when wearing clothes for a beautiful and sexy look like the ideal woman. Let’s learn about “before and after preparation after Hip

Example!! Woman with Surgery

Rhinoplasty is considered to be a surgery that is ranked high in popularity with men and women at the present time.