Reveal the tricks of the double eyelid at Bangmod Hospital !! 
Those of you who have relatives or acquaintances that have done double eyelid surgery at Bangmod Hospital before….will know that this place is very famous for double eyelid surgery because your eyes will look beautiful, smooth, and very natural after the surgery. It can be said that actresses, celebrities, or those in the entertainment industry who would like to have double eyelid surgery must definitely have the name of Bangmod Hospital in their top list!! The prominent points of having the double eyelid surgery with “Bangmod Techniques” are less pain, less swelling, quick healing, and natural look, even with your eyes closed. You will not see the wound. 

Today, we will talk with Dr. Thananchai Assadamongkol, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at Bangmod Hospital. Let’s hear the tricks of the famous double eyelid surgery at Bangmod Hospital. 
What is the important trick of the double eyelid surgery with “Bangmod Techniques”?
“We would like everyone who comes for the surgery to have the best results. For example, for the double eyelid surgery, we always think of what we should do so that you will have a small wound, less swelling, quick healing, and more natural and permanent layer. With more than 30 years of experience with Bangmod Surgery, we have gradually developed Bangmod Techniques to respond to all these questions.”
What can I do to have these beautiful and smooth double eyelids? Can you give me some tricks about “Bangmod Techniques”? 
“We use the special technique, which is with laser instead of cutting, for less swelling and quick healing. The removal of excess fat and the eyes internal suturing are to prevent the external wound. The layers from this technique will look natural, permanent, and no visible scar when closing your eyes. You can wash your face and wear make-up about 1-2 days after. Another important thing is the discussion and detailed examination before the surgery. Since each person has a different facial structure, different eyes, and difference in their preference for small/big eyes layer, we must discuss with patients, examine thoroughly, and use the most appropriate and best surgery for each person.”
Thank you, Doctor. You cannot see the picture just by talking. Let’s look at some examples.
I have to tell you that apart from becoming more beautiful, some people are successful after the surgery with more confidence and lots of work coming in. It completely changes your life!!
Case 1: Khun Tukta – She is an actress. She had eye layers but they are not symmetric. The small layer was hidden. The doctor performed the surgery with “Bangmod Techniques” to enlarge the eye layer and adjust them to have be symmetrical. After the surgery for 4 days, she could shoot the soap opera because the swelling was minimal. She could show her eyes immediately. She really liked her eyes, so she wanted to do horn chestnut-shaped lips surgery and breast augmentation with the doctor! After the surgery, she has more confidence and has been invited to have photoshoots with Image magazine.

After having the eyes surgery for 4 days, I can shoot the soap opera, wear make-up, and show my eyes.
I like my eyes, so I had the horn chestnut-shaped lips surgery and breast augmentation with the doctor. After the surgery, I appeared on several magazines and newspapers

Case 2: Nong Min – She has had acting lessons for many years and is very talented. She wants to be an actress but she couldn’t pass casting because she has small eyes and no layers and has lost her confidence. Nong Min came in to consult for the double eyelid surgery and nose augmentation with the doctor. After the surgery, she is more confident and has been given a role in a series and become an actress as she wished for. Congratulations to Nong Min. 

After the surgery, I have become an actress as I wished. 
Case 3: Khun Kop – She has small eyes and sagging brow, which makes her eyes and face look sad. The doctor performed double eyelid surgery with “Bangmod Techniques” and temporal lift, which made her eyes look bigger, sweeter, and brighter. She does not look sad like before. After the surgery, Khun Kop is really satisfied and recommended
many people to have the eye surgery with the doctor!!

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