“Cosmetic Surgery 4.0: Complete beauty with Bangmod Techniques”

Complete beauty with Bangmod Techniques can make you beautiful with less pain, quick healing, and natural look by specialists with more than 30 years of experience. 

“Bangmod Techniques” is the special technique of Bangmod Aesthetic Center with modern technology in surgery and surgeons who have more than 30 years of medical experience that meets the needs of small wound, less pain, quick healing, and natural look. For example, the double eyelid surgery by special technique that helps in the surgery and internal suture, which can reduce the pain, provide permanent eye layer, and ability to wash the face within 1 day. 

Moreover, Bangmod Aesthetic Center continues to strive for complete beauty that not only emphasizes cosmetic surgery, but also provides physical correction service. Therefore, this center is outstanding with programs that help you to have complete beauty with many featured programs. For example:

Breast Surgery
Bangmod Aesthetic Center is long famous for its breast augmentation surgery using modern medical technology and the latest special techniques of the hospital called “Bangmod Techniques” which have become popular and well-known for its natural results, allowing you to have natural looking breasts that no one can tell the difference. The doctor will perform the surgery with Dual Plane and endoscopic technique that allows the patients to have less pain, small wound, quick healing, and the most natural look, which can only be found at Bangmod Hospital, covering all 4 types of breast surgery, which are Breast Augmentation, Breast Reduction, Breast Lift/Mastopexy, and Breast Reconstruction. 

Double Eyelid 
Because the eyes can enchant people’s mind, everyone wants to have beautiful eyes that can impress other people. Therefore, it is not strange that people these days would like to have double eyelids to increase their confidence. It is considered to be another treatment that will help to brighten the face and provide bigger eyes. For the double eyelid surgery by “Bangmod Techniques”, the doctor will use laser for the surgery which results in less pain, less bruising, and quick healing, better than with external surgery which will cause loss of a lot of blood, long wound, and slow wound healing. Moreover, the fat is removed and sutured inside the eyes, which results in a small wound and natural look of the eyelid, less recuperation time with no need to take the stitches off, and ability to wash your face within 1 day. 

Eye Bag Surgery
In the eye bag surgery with “Bangmod Technique”, the doctor will use laser for the surgery, which causes less bruising and quick wound healing by removing the shallow layer of fat and maintaining the deep layer for a natural look. It is different from normal eye bag surgery where the fat under the eyes will be completely removed, creating a chance of sunken and hallow eyes. 

Temporal Lift 
The sagging brow will make the face look exhausted and aged. The temporal lift with Bangmod Technique can lift the upper face, nasolabial folds, cheek bones, brow, and eyebrow tails, providing the face and eyes with a young look. 

Nose Augmentation
“Bangmod” nose is the special technique that emphasizes naturalness and soft look with curve line around the nose bridge and tear-drop nose tip. The doctor will use soft silicone to support under the periosteum for more natural result, which will be different from normal hard silicone that makes the nose shape looks unnatural. 

Alarplasty can reduce the nose wings and nostrils to be proportionate with the face. With “Bangmod Technique”, the doctor will use special suturing by hiding the suture inside the nose. There is no external wound on the nose, which is different from normal alarplasty, which will suture the side of the nose wings and create a long wound and unnatural look. 

3-dimensational Horn Chestnut-Shaped Lips 
“Bangmod Techniques” can make horn chestnut-shaped lips without cutting the flesh around the lips to prevent the lips from becoming too thin, which can reveal the teeth or a gummy smile. This can happen with normal horn chestnut-shaped lips surgery that will cut the flesh at the side of the lips which can lead to a non-closed mouth, thin lips, and gummy smile. The beautiful horn chestnut-shaped lips must be slightly bulge. “Bangmod Techniques” can provide horn chestnut-shaped lips surgery with slight bulge in the middle of the lips and more dimensional look, increasing the charm of the lips. The doctor will use absorbable sutures and hide the wound inside the mouth. The wound will heal fast and natural. 

Mouth Corner Lift 
Normally, a mouth corner lift will cut the mouth corners into grooves and lift, which creates a long wound, unnatural look, and the chance to have keloids and a deformed mouth. However, the mouth corner lift technique of Bangmod Hospital can provide a natural mouth corner lift that suits the mouth shape of each person. There is both an internal and external wound and the surgery can be performed together with the “3-dimensional horn chestnut-shaped lips”.

Face Lift Surgery
Face lift surgery is removing some parts of the wrinkles for more skin tightening. The wrinkles may come from old age, heredity, or environment which will be different according to the tissue and skin care of each person. The face lift with “Bangmod Techniques” will use local anesthesia so that the patients will not have complications from inhaling anesthesia, especially in older patients. For “Bangmod Techniques”, the doctor will pull the inner facial muscle providing more naturalness than the normal process that pulls only the surface creating a high chance of sagging. The face lift with “Bangmod Techniques” will provide a more permanent result and young look that can reduce the age by 10-20 years. The surgery takes about 2-3 hours with less bruising and only 1 day for recuperation. Then, you can go home.

“Bangmod Techniques” uses a special technique to curve and bend the bones to the back. This method corrects the ear structure in particular and provides permanent results. It is different from the normal method, which emphasizes cutting off the skin to pull the ears back which has a chance of the outstanding ears returning in the future. 

Gluteal implant​
Curvy and bouncy hips is the ultimate wish of many people. Apart from exercising, the medical profession also has a solution, which is hip augmentation. The most common is augmentation at the side or at the back for more curves. It can be done in 2 ways, which are to inject the substance or your own fat by using excess fat as the filler. Excess fat can be used as the injecting substance as another way of reducing excess fat. Another way is surgery with silicone bag specially designed to support compression. Patients can choose their own desired sizes, whether round-shaped or ovary-shaped and can also choose between 2 types of silicone, which are smooth and textured (with less chance of having membrane). 

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