Last year in 2017, Dr.Thananchai Assadamongkol, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Director of Bangmod Aesthetic Center, performed more than 1,000 cosmetic surgeries for customers. They all admired and were satisfied with the doctor’s skill that it became very famous in the social word. #beautifuladmin will choose “Stunning Work Collection!! of the Year 2017 of Dr. Thananchai, Bangmod Hospital” to highlight the doctor’s skill. 

Starting with “Khun Tukta-Phunthiphaphak Suwannarat” (Thai actress / model), a beautiful woman and full of abilities, she has trusted Dr.Thananchai Assadamonkol to be the doctor who takes special care of her beauty. Khun Tukta decided to have double eyelid surgery, nose augmentation, horn chestnut-shaped lips, and gluteal implants with Dr.Thananchai. After the surgery, Khun Tukta was more confident and so stunning that she starred in a new soap opera and appeared in many magazine shoots. 

Followed by, “Dr. Kanthicha Chomsiri” or Khun Yui, a beautiful women and full of abilities who held the title of Mrs. International 2016 and was the first woman in the world who competed in Ferrari car racing. Khun Yui is a beautiful lady with many abilities and is the prototype woman of the new generation. She plays many roles, whether beauty queen, car racer, and new mother. However, she has never stopped taking care of herself. Khun Yui decided to do double eyelid surgery, nose augmentation, breast lift, and liposuction with Dr.Thananchai Assadamongkol at Bangmod Aesthetic Center. After the surgery, Khun Yui used her confidence in the Mrs. International 2016 contest. Her beauty caught the eyes of the committee and she won the crown elegantly. 

The next category is still in the beauty queen business. A young mother who is very beautiful, “Khun Ming-Trakanta Noppawong” holds the title of “Mrs. Noble Queen Thailand 2017”. In the past, Khun Ming had breast surgery with a hospital but there were many problems and she was unsatisfied. She decided to have correction breast surgery with Dr.Thananchai Assadamongkol at Bangmod Aesthetic Center. After having the correction breast surgery, Khun Ming brought her confidence into the night dress and swim suit. She was ready to show her hot figure in the Mrs. World Noble Queen International 2017 contest in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. 

The next beautiful woman is a cooking teacher. In the past, the thing that she was not confident the most about herself was her breasts. However, she had the support like everyone else – the sponge!! However, after she studied the information and read many reviews for almost 10 years, she was confident and decided to have breast augmentation with Dr.Thananchai Assadamongkol at Bangmod Aesthetic Center. 

“After the breast augmentation, many things totally and noticeably changed. It made me feel more confident in any clothes I wear. I feel more confident and beautiful with myself. When we are confident, it can be a life power for us to move forward, no matter in working, going anywhere, or going to a party. It is happiness. When we are happy with ourselves, it often shows in our facial expressions and personality. People around us will be happy together with us”, Khun Punch said. 

After the breast augmentation, many photographers have asked Khun Punch to do model shoots. She is very attractive. 

Another beautiful lady is the owner of a clothing store. Before this, she was not confident with her hips. When wearing anything, it looked like she did not have hips and this made her feel unconfident. She studied the information for years until finding reviews of Bangmod Hospital, which made Jane decide to have the glureal implants with Dr.Thananchai Assadamongkol at Bangmod Aesthetic Center because she trusted in the doctor’s skill. 

After the gluteal implants at Bangmod Hospital, Khun Jane feels more confident. After the implant, she looks like she has hips. Everyone compliments her in any clothes she wears. Khun Jane feels so confident that she does not need to wear panties that support the hips anymore. 
The last case is a masterpiece, the best of the best, an exceptional case, and the most famous trend in the social world. After the Before-After picture was posted for several minutes, many people pressed Like & Share. Also, questions came in through all channels, in the inbox, comment box, and Line@ of the hospital (@bangmod). Everyone was impressed with the results of the Full Facelift surgery. 

This customer is Mr. Henry, Australian man, aged 69 years old. He wanted to reduce his age. He did an interview with a beautiful admin saying that he would like to look younger. Doctor please help!! 

Mr. Henry had a Full Face lift by “Bangmod Techniques” with Dr. Thananchai Assadamongkol at Bangmod Aesthetic Center, which consisted of: 
- Temporal lift and upper face lift 
- Mid-face lift and lower face lift 
- Neck lift 
- Lower blepharosplasty, using local anesthesia
See for yourself how younger he is!!!

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