Get to the point: “Who should not have the surgery?”

At present, when talking about “the surgery,” it is a normal thing that is widely accepted in society. With more developed technology these days, surgery provides beauty that can meet people’s needs quickly.  

However, sometimes the surgery can cause danger as can be seen in the news or sometimes it does not meet the expectation or a mistake is too severe to correct. Not everyone is suitable for surgery. Therefore, there is the question of “Who should not have the surgery?” Let’s find out the answer with Dr.Thananchai Assadamongkol, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Director of Bangmod Aesthetic Center. 

Doctor, who should not have the surgery?

There are 3 groups of people who should not have the surgery.

1. Those who are beautiful or handsome or have self-confidence: A good surgery should be done for the part that we truly have a problem with. If you are good-looking and already have a good face structure, the doctor will not suggest you to have cosmetic surgery.

2. Those who still feel scared and worried that it will not look beautiful, afraid of having a wound, or the doctor is not good enough: This group of people is not ready for the cosmetic surgery. If you are still scared or worried, the doctor will suggest you to study additional information, such as consult the doctor to know the advantages and disadvantages, the treatment before-after the surgery, and find more information. When the information is ready and you are not scared or worried, you can have the surgery.

3. Those who have too high expectation: Our body structure is not the same. Therefore, there is no way that it will come out exactly hundred percent the same. Some people show the picture of a film star to the doctor and want to have exactly the same look, which means that we have too high an expectation. The doctor suggests that you should consult and do some analysis first to figure out the appropriateness and expect results that are based on reality.

Can people with the congenital diseases have the surgery?

People with congenital diseases can have the surgery, but it should be understood that cosmetic surgery is not something that should be rushed. It is not something that we have to do in one or two days. Those who have congenital diseases can be divided into 2 groups: The first group is those who have curable diseases, such as cold, acne, or fever, which should be cured before having the cosmetic surgery. 

Next is the non-curable or chronic disease, such as diabetes, pressure problem, or heart disease. If it cannot be permanently cured, it should be controlled to a normal level before the surgery. For example, those with diabetes should control the sugar or those with high blood pressure must take the full dose of anti-pressure medicine until the pressure is at a normal level. Cosmetic surgery does not provide more complications in normal people. However, you should inform the doctor about your congenital disease for the physical check-up before the surgery.

When is the appropriate age for surgery?
It can be easily suggested that it should be done when you are 18 years old and above because it is considered that you have reached the legal age. You are able to decide for yourself and have your own discretion on what is good, what is bad and what are advantages or disadvantages.

Another thing is that we should see whether the organs are fully grown. For example, in rhinoplasty, jaw reduction, or any part that is related with the facial structure, surgery should be done when you are fully grown, which is about the age of 18, so that you do not need to have correction surgery often. If you do it when you are young and when you physic changes, the bone structure will also change and you will have to do it again. Therefore, the two things that must be considered are the legal age and the stop in the growth of the physical structure. 

Apart from the illegal clinics and doctors, what else should we be careful about regarding the surgery at present? 
Another thing that we need to be careful about is finding the information. Nowadays, there is lots of information, especially on the internet with pictures of before-after the surgery, which in fact have been edited with exaggerated advertising. Therefore, you should be careful. 

The important thing in finding information before the cosmetic surgery is finding it from the direct source, such as consulting the doctor directly about the safety or asking people who had the surgery about their experience or you can come to the hospital/clinic to see the style and the cleanliness and the equipment. Therefore, you should receive the information from the direct source more than from exaggerated advertisement.

How many times can one person have surgery?
There is no exact number of how many times one person can have surgery and be safe since it relies on the method. I have seen some people that have had the surgery 20-30 times. However, before the surgery, there should be the diagnosis. 

When we look at reviews which say that if the surgery is good, do it a lot. In fact, this thought is wrong. For cosmetic surgery, it should be done as least as possible. Some people consult with the doctor that they would like to have the surgery on the whole face. However, after the diagnosis, we will suggest for the most necessary part and perform the surgery in that part first. Therefore, good surgery is that the least is done, the safer you are with the less complications. 

How much is not called having plastic dependency syndrome? 
First of all, you must ask yourself why you want to have it. Some people have several defects, whether they are the eyes, nose, or breasts that they become the problem or the weak point in their life. This is not called an addiction. However, if the structure is already good and when you have done it and you want to have endless correction though you may have just one or two surgeries in the parts that should not be done, this can be considered that you have plastic dependency syndrome. 

Therefore, the objective for surgery depends on the satisfaction. If you are satisfied and expect according to the facts, seeing which part should be fixed and then do it, it is considered that you do not have plastic dependency syndrome. 

How to have the surgery with good results? 
1. Less surgery because people understand that good surgery is having a lot of it. In fact, we should have the surgery in the part that we truly have problems with. The least surgery creates good and safe results. 

2. Know what to choose, including the places, the specialists, the standard equipment, and the safety instead of choosing by the price since the surgery is done on our body, which has a great impact and can be difficult to correct.  

3. Appropriateness because some people over do it. For example, the desire for too prominent nose or too big breasts beyond the structure. At first, it may look beautiful. But in the long run, it may have plenty of complications. For example, the nose may be perforated or too big breasts may make them look unnatural when times pass or the breasts will sag or harden. Therefore, good surgery should be appropriate with the body.
What does the special technique of Bangmod Hospital or Bangmod Technique look like? 
The important thing is that we mainly consider the patients.

How to provide the patients with the maximum benefits? “Bangmod Technique” has been developed to respond to the needs for small wound, less pain, quick healing, and natural look. 

For example: To have a small wound, less pain, and less scar in double eyelid surgery, we will use laser whereas we will use the endoscopic and Dual Plane technique for breast augmentation. In conclusion, it is the safest technique that provides the least pain, and the quickest healing for the patients to receive the maximum benefits. 
In conclusion, surgery in each person is different. However, if you want suggestions and good results, you should consult a specialized doctor about the surgery directly as the best solution. 

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