Cosmetic Surgery 4.0

In today’s world, we cannot deny that information technology (IT) has played a role in every part of life, whether it is our personal life or work life, since IT provides easy, comfortable, and accurate operation. Therefore, people today have applied it in many businesses, including the “cosmetic surgery business”.

On the day before, I had the opportunity to have a conversation with Dr. Thananchai Assadamongkol, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Director of Bangmod Aesthetic Center, about the role of information technology applied in the cosmetic surgery business. The doctor said that there were several aspects, such as storing of patient database, support in medical treatment, distant consulting by specialists, as well as giving knowledge to other people. This can truly be called Surgery 4.0

Starting with the patient database, Bangmod Hospital has a program to store the medical records of the patients, which collects the general information such as name-last name, surgery history, dispensing history, allergic history, and lab results, as well as follow-up appointment after surgery, etc. For support in medical treatment, the computer systems of the hospital are linked together creating a medical information network to exchange the patients’ information for the maximum benefit of medical treatments. 

At present, the size of our world is becoming smaller because there is more effectiveness and coverage in communications. Therefore, communication to inform information, promotion, or give the distant consultation by specialists with information technology and Line@ Application (@bangmod) play an important role.

Some patients of Bangmod Hospital are Thai people who live aboard. Travelling to Thailand just to consult with the doctor is not convenient because the expense is high. Therefore, Bangmod Hospital has created a communication channel through Line@ Application (@bangmod) for the patient’s convenience. Patients can send pictures of the position of where to have the surgery and consult with the doctor first. When feeling confident and ready to do the surgery, they can come to Bangmod Hospital. Or after the surgery, if the patients are not convenient to come for the follow-up at the hospital, they can make a video call to the doctor to check on the surgery instead of coming in.  

Moreover, information technology can provide knowledge about the cosmetic surgery to other interested people through slides, such as pictures of Before/After; and motion, such as video clips of interviews with the specialists in cosmetic surgery and reviews, etc., with communication via online channels of the hospital that cover all effective platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Another technology that can completely change the new dimension of Thai cosmetic surgery is Crisalix 3D, a 3-dimensional simulator that allows you to see your face virtually in 360 degrees, including the eyes, nose, mouth, and facial structure, so that you can choose the style that you want that suits you most. 

Bangmod Aesthetic Center is well-known for double eyelid surgery by “Bangmod Techniques”. The doctor will use laser in the surgery, which provides less bruising and quick wound healing. It is better than using a scalpel to cut from the outside as you will lose lots of blood and have long and slow healing wound. Moreover, by taking out the fat and suturing from the inside of the eyes, the wound will be small and provides you with the look of more natural eyelid, less recuperation, no need to take the stitches off, and you are able to wash the face within 1 day. 

For those who would like to have breast augmentation but still have anxiety because you have heard that breast augmentation is very painful like you got run over by a truck, you do not need to feel worried. With the latest medical technology and special technique of the hospital, “Bangmond Techniques” has become widely popular and well-known for natural results, which provide a real look that you can barely tell the difference. The doctor will perform the surgery by using Dual Plane technique and Endoscopic assisted surgery, which allows the patient to have less pain, small wound, quick healing, and the most natural look with an average recuperation time of 1-2 days before going back to work as normal. 

From a talk with Dr.Thananchai Assadamongkol, I learned that information technology and medical techniques for cosmetic surgery in Thailand have greatly developed. It can be said that our skills of the specialists and the medical information technology are not lower than other countries in the world. Other countries, such as South Korea, United States of America, China, and Japan, have come to study the medical work of Thailand every year. Some Thai people have flown to other countries for the surgery. They do not know that many foreigners fly to Thailand to have the surgery in our country.

All of these is only a role of information technology used in the cosmetic surgery business. As I mentioned before, the application of information technology is to create maximum benefit, which will make the operation easier, more comfortable, and more accurate. When talking about the surgery, anything can be done for the patient to have less pain, small wound, quick healing, and most natural look. This is truly Surgery 4.0. 

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