Interview with Dr. Thananchai Atsadamongkhon, Bangmod Hospital
In today’s world, cosmetic surgery is normal in society since most people accept that it can provide the figure and face with a better look. Of course, related businesses are highly popular. Many cosmetic surgery places have been established. The selection for service is important. Bangmod Hospital is another place that can respond to everything at an international standard level with the supervision of 2nd Generation Executives like Dr. Thananchai Atsadamongkhon, Cosmetic Surgery Specialist. 

In his childhood, Dr. Thananchai received the medical concept from his father (Dr. Surasit Atsadamongkhon, the Founder of Bangmod Hospital), which became the inspiration for him in choosing to study at the Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University, for 6 years before paying back the government grant in the province for 3 years after graduating. After that, he realized that to become a specialist, he needed in-depth study. Therefore, he continued his study in cosmetic surgery for another 5 years, which totaled 14 years of study. Ever since, he has been working to his fullest.  

“In fact, the Medical Council of Thailand allows those who graduated with General Doctor to work in this field. I think it is better to study in a specific area because there are many details. This field of study is not only for beauty, but also for the treatment. For example: cleft lip, burn, scald, breast cancer, skin cancer, etc. The study of cosmetics can be applied with normal people to make them look better.” 

From Dr. Thananchai’s extensive study and experience in treating patients, his skills in cosmetic surgery is second to none. On the other side, he is the new generation of executives of Bangmod Hospital who has his own way in making this hospital grow according to the direction that he has laid out.

“Bangmod Hospital has been open for more than 30 years from the pioneering of my father. There is treatment for general diseases as well as cosmetic, which has created our reputation in terms of cosmetic surgery. In the early stage, the advantage was less competitors. However, the disadvantage is that the surgery in that era was not quite accepted in society, which is totally different from now. 

At present, medical procedures are being continually developed according to the concept of less pain, quick healing, and natural look, which is the special technique called Bangmod Technique. In the past, there was only one technique for Double Eyelid Surgery, which is cutting to make the double lid. However, the wound is long and the patients will be in much pain. Our technique will make use of laser. The wound will be on the inside while closing the eyes. There will be less swelling, less pain, and natural look. All our surgery, whether it is Eye Surgery, Rhinoplasty, and Breast Augmentation, uses our own concept. 

Though it is our special technique, do not worry. In terms of cosmetics, there is a World Conference and we have been invited for discussion to exchange viewpoints in the United States of America, Europe, and Asia. There is always updates for new treatments. Korea is famous for surgery. In fact, the technology and the medical technique of Thailand can surely compete with Korea. It is only that Korea’s market is free and able to make advertisements. In our country, we cannot make advertisements. We can only use it to tell about our service. We will see many Thai celebrities go to Korea for surgery. On the other hand, foreign celebrities come to Thailand for surgery as well, but less people know. It is all about marketing. 

The most important thing for cosmetic surgery is safety. We must know 3 things, which are to select a sterilized and standard place, whether it is a hospital or clinic; choose a doctor who graduated in a specific field or with high experience; and receive the information direct from the source, not reviews from the internet because pictures can be modified. The direct information should come from consultation with the doctor and from those who have done the surgery.

I was lucky to graduate in the medical field and become an executive of the hospital. My medical study allowed me to learn about all the operation procedures of the hospital. I believe that those who graduated in the medical field and work as executives in the hospital will know better than those who graduated from business management because the hospital system is very complicated. Administering the staff, nurses, and doctors is not easy. 

However, the difference between doctors and business people is that while studying, helping patients will always be embedded in the heads of doctors. We will not think much about profit. Whereas, when being an executive, we cannot avoid the issue about profit and loss since the hospital has many expenses. The challenge of the business and the hospital is to make a balance. However, I mainly focus on medical ethics.” 



By Dr. Thananchai Atsadamongkhon, Cosmetic Surgery Specialist, Bangmod Hospital 

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