Review Buttocks Augmentation and Hip Augmentation!!!

Many people may not know that nowadays there is Buttocks Augmentation/Hip Augmentation for a good shape that is safe according to medical principles!!! Today, we will take you to have look at the review of Buttocks Augmentation and Hip Augmentation by using the special silicone bags by Dr. Thananchai Atsadamongkhon, Cosmetic Surgery Specialist, Bangmod Hospital.  

After finishing, it will look very beautiful with round hips, buttocks, and smaller waist.

Case 1: She is a slim woman about 157 centimeters tall. She has no hips or buttocks. She needs the surgery to slightly widen hips together with having big and lifted buttocks. 

Technique: The doctor performed round shaped Gluteal Implant, 325 ml each side, with wound hidden in the buttock cleft to support between the muscle layers for a natural look and placed slightly on top to lift the butt. 

Case 2: She is a big and tall foreign woman with small hips but very flat buttocks. The buttocks and hips on both sides are not equal. (The right side is smaller than the left side) 

Technique: Since the existing structure is not equal, the doctor decided to perform the surgery with different size silicone bags (415ml on the right side and 375ml on the left side) to balance both sides and have a size that is appropriate with a big structure. The wound was hidden in the buttock cleft to support between the muscle layers for a natural look. 

Case 3: She is a model. She has a beautiful look already but she wants to have more buttocks and hips that look natural for swimsuit shoots in the future.

Technique: Since her body structure is not big and she already has flesh at the buttocks, together with her need for a natural look, the doctor chose the proper size for her, which was oval-shaped gluteal implants sized 280 ml. 

After the surgery, the patient was very satisfied and wrote a review by herself. 

Today is just only a little example. 

If this is not enough, you can look at more clips and detailed information about Hip Augmentation/Butt Augmentation. 

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