Illegal Doctors are Dangerous. Choose before Thinking about Surgery
It is big news about illegal doctors who claim to be real doctors and do surgery on patients. I have to tell you that it is very scary. Apart from being illegal, the patients who are victims are harmed as well. 

Dr. Thananchai Atsanamongkhon gave us his comment, “In choosing to do surgery, you should study for information carefully first, including the infirmary-clinic which must be registered and have a legal certificate.

Those who would like to have surgery must study the information carefully first. For example: Infirmary, clinic, or hospital must be legal and have received a standard certificate; the skill, background, and work of the specialists must be examined whether it is accurate or not because surgery is both science and art. This is done to prevent the effects that may follow later.” 

Another way to check for information is at the website of the Medical Council of Thailand 

Fill in the name and last name of the doctor (spell correctly) and you can check immediately. If information is shown, it means that the person is a real doctor. Just by doing this, you can reduce the surgery risk to another level. 

Thank you: Dr. Thananchai Atsadamongkhon, Manager Daily 

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