Rhinoplasty with Non-Standard Silicone

 Rhinoplasty with non-standard silicone…..deterioration, decay, inflammation, and infection!!!!!!
 There was a patient who had Rhinoplasty with silicone with a clinic 30 years ago. Later, his nose would often become infected. The patient came to consult with me to take out the silicone. It appeared that the silicone had deteriorated and decayed, almost becoming powder!!
Normally, the medical standard silicone can exist for a lifetime. If you do not like the shape or there is a problem that needs to be corrected, it can be removed. However, it will not look as deteriorated as this. I have many patients who have come to have their nose corrected after having Rhinolasty for 20-50 years. The silicone that is removed is still in good condition. Therefore, I want to tell those who want to have Rhinoplasty to study carefully. Choose a standard clinic/hospital with quality equipment according to medical standards. Dr. Thananchai Atsadamongkhon, Cosmetic Surgery Specialist, Bangmod Hospital.
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