Tips (not secrets): How to have beautiful and natural Rhinoplasty??

When talking about Rhinoplasty, everyone wants it to turn out beautiful and naturally prominent. Of course, if you come to Bangmod Hospital, you will not be disappointed because the doctor will use the surgery technique for Rhinoplasty in responds to the concerns of the patients, emphasizing natural beauty and proportions for better dimension. Moreover, Dr. Surasit and Dr. Thananchai have the experience as well as the skill and expertise specifically in this matter. Therefore, if you want to do Rhinoplasty, think about here. How to have a beautiful Rhinoplasty? I can answer that a proportional position and the surgery are very important. Normally, we call it the golden ratio. It is the ratio calculation and level of bridge that will be done perfectly and universally accepted, but still maintains the outstanding features of the face to have identity. The principles of the golden ratio are as follows: 

1. The standard length of the nose that is not too long or not too short is 1/3 of the length of the face. The width of the alar nasi is 1/5 of the length of the face. The distance between the nose and the mouth is 1:1.6. 

2. The most important point is the beginning point of the nose. The most appropriate and beautiful is at the eyelash level, which will look more natural than other levels. However, the doctor will adjust or shape to make it appropriate with the distance of the eyes and the facial features of each person. 

3. The slope or angle that is not too much is 36-40 degrees. If the angle is lower than this, you will look like you have low nose or no bridge. If the angle is higher than this, the nose will be too prominent to become beautiful. The appropriate angle between the nose and the forehead is 135-140 degrees.

4. The angle between the nose and the groove above the lips is 90-95 degrees in males. In females, the angle is 95-100 degrees. Only this, you will look beautiful and handsome. In addition, the perfectness is at the shape of the nostrils, which will look like beans, with a ratio when comparing with the height of the nose tip of 4:6. This is considered to be excellent.

Today, anyone can have a prominent, beautiful, and natural nose without having to fly to the Land of Kimchi for surgery. Thai surgeons are second to none. For those who are interested, you can ask for more details or come in for more information. Good things are near you. There is no need to fly anywhere. 

Let’s look at the example case. 

You will see that the face looks more dimensional. 

At the side

The doctor focuses on a natural look. Rhinoplasty that looks good on and off the screen. 

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