Pig Nose

When talking about Rhinoplasty among famous celebrities or ordinary people like us, it has become a normal thing and it is rather a revealing matter. All classes of people can go in and out of the cosmetic surgery place. Also, the current of beauty at present has become quite intense. Facilities in terms of equipment, technique, and place as well as the appropriate price are the factors that have allowed surgery to become accessible to various groups of people. 

Apart from an adequate cost and prepared information, the selection of nose-shape with the understanding about the proper corrective principle is one of the things that both men and women must always be aware of. Though we like this nose-shape, the “original nose” is the thing that pulls us back to look for appropriateness that can truly and perfectly fit us. 

Though there are many trends about Rhinoplasty around the city, the appropriateness of the holistic components on the face is the thing that many people have overlooked. It may be because the need to have a beautiful nose according to the example that makes us forget to think about our original nose that we have since born. If the surgery is done by an immoral doctor who provides the treatment for profit more than the quality and health of the patients, the result may always hurt you every time you look at yourself in the mirror. Moreover, Rhinoplasty among Asian people is often to increase the nose to become more prominent and dimensional, which is different from European people who like to have the correction for a smaller nose. It is often the correction at the tip of the nose to look curvier, which is the shape that Thai people like. However, it often looks too fake. 

What does ‘Pig Nose’ look like? 
Pig Nose is the nose that looks sharp and snub. Another name is “Short-Tipped Nose or Upturned Nose.” The length from the base of the nose to the tip is about 3 centimeters. If looking at the front, the nose will look short like a pig nose. If looking at the side, the tip of the nose will look upturn. In some cases, the tip of the nose is at the same level as the alar nasi or may be higher, which is different from the teardrop nose-shaped that has become popular at this time. The tip of the teardrop nose-shaped has a slight curve and hook downward, which looks beautiful according to the standard and does not look too fake. However, over-teardrop nose-shaped may become a witch nose-shaped, which can be corrected. Let’s get back to the short-tipped nose. Actually, short-tipped nose-shaped can be easily corrected by filling the end part and cut some parts of alar nasi. The cutting of alar nasi depends on each patient since some people already have a beautiful alar nasi but lack the length of the tip of the nose. Therefore, the treatment procedures depend on the opinion of the doctor that comes from the analysis of the overall significant components of the patient. Moreover, it was found that those who have a pig nose or a short-tipped nose will mostly add length to the tip of the nose and only a slight part at the base, which will make the shape of the nose look naturally beautiful. 

Eliminate the problem with Septum  
Surgery by using silicone is considered to be a permanent correction and the patients can see the result effectively. It is a method that many people often use to solve the problem because the lifetime of silicone is long and the patients can choose the shape of the silicone before having the surgery. However, the problem solving each issue has different limitations of appropriateness in terms of having the surgery by using silicone. In those who have the problem of a short-tipped nose and those who want to make the teardrop nose-shaped, septum is appropriate to use specifically for the cosmetic surgery at the tip of the nose since septum from the patients is tissue that grows naturally. Also, the problem of a pig nose can be corrected by using silicone to make the nose more prominent and sharp. Therefore, the main advantage of the septum is to shape the tip of the nose to prevent the silicone from flowing and become the problem of perforated nose in the future. The place where the doctor will take out the bone is the curve of the ear, which is the position of the septum. It will be taken out in a small quantity. The doctor will calculate the amount of the patients’ septum. Of course, the limitation of this method is the patient must originally have a good nose structure or the nose structure that needs only a little bit of shaping. Also, regarding the amount of septum for appropriate nose tip surgery, you should be aware of the change of the ear. If you use too much septum, the shape of the ear could abnormal. The side effect of this method is that the patients may have a slight wound at the back of the ear but it can be treated by applying cream or using laser to reduce the wound. Moreover, the alar nasi surgery can increase the height of the tip of the nose in some parts. Hence, the doctor will design the corrective procedures and the techniques to adjust the facial and nose shape the most. 

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