Nose, Beauty, and Physiognomy 

When looking at people’s faces, the most notable point is the nose. The nose in the science of physiognomy is the center of money, work, and love. The appropriate length of the nose must be one in three of the face when we divide the face into 3 sections equally. 

A nose that looks the most damage is a nose with “crooked” bones. According to the physiognomy, it must be corrected immediately because it can destroy the life in three aspects, which are money, work, and love. Therefore, it can be easily concluded that making the nose look beautiful will help you to have more confidence. However, it must be sufficiency done and according to the ratio as abovementioned.

Nose with Physiognomy
Of course, a beautiful and prominent nose will make us look good and outstanding. However, many people misunderstand that the more prominent the better. In fact, “beauty” does not mean having a prominent nose. A prominent and beautiful nose must have an angle that supports the face at the side. The lowest point of the nose is at the canthus. 

For women, a small and sharp nose makes the face look hard and unnatural. However, a nose with flesh indicates perfection and wealth. 

Do you see that the definition of nose in good physiognomy principle is very different from what we think? 

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