Who should not have the surgery??!! 

1. Those who are good-looking and feel confident with their face and figure. The surgery should be done only at a defect part, problem part, or when you do not feel confident. If you already feel confident, though your face is not perfectly beautiful according to the medical principle, you can be beautiful in your own way. Therefore, I do not suggest to have any surgery.

2. Those who have overly high expectations. Some people look at reviews, celebrities, or too much advertisement and think a surgery can make them become really beautiful. In reality, the surgery depends on many factors. For example: the different original structure of each person, different surgery techniques, different preferences, etc. Therefore, it is suggested to consult the doctor first to see whether our face is suited for the surgery or not. Do not have high expectations. Stay with the truth that perfectly fits with our structure and providing safety in the long term is better. 

3. Those who are still scared and hesitant, afraid of pain, afraid that it will not look beautiful, or have the hesitation of where to have the surgery, etc. If we are still scared and have hesitation, it means that we are not ready to have the surgery at that time. Do not do it when you still feel afraid or hesitate!!! Surgery is not a thing to rush. If you are still afraid and hesitant, it is suggested to consult the doctor first and study for the information thoroughly on how to be safe, find the advantages and disadvantages of each type, and study the proper ways of how to take care of yourself both before and after the surgery. When you receive the complete and accurate information, you will not be afraid and hesitate. Then, you are ready for the surgery.

Dr. Thananchai Atsadamongkhon, Cosmetic Surgery Specialist, Bangmod Hospital
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