" Women – Do not stop being beautiful.” Do not give up. Age is only a number. Open your heart and become the best.

I had a chance to talk with Khun Yui - “Dr. Yui Kanthicha Chimsiri,” Mrs. International 2016 and the latest winner. I would like all women to read this “Women, do not stop being beautiful.” Do not give up. Age is only a number. Open your heart and become the best you. Thank you Khun Yui very much.

Team: What was your inspiration to do the surgery? 
Khun Yui: The inspiration in doing the surgery is because I am a woman of the new generation. I want to develop myself to look good from the outside because now there is the latest technology. Do not become a woman who doesn’t care about herself. If we know our weak points, we can make it become a feature point. 

Team: How did you find the information before the surgery?

Khun Yui: Actually, before I came to see the doctor, I had been looking for lots of information. Sometimes, I opened videos and searched for famous hospitals because it was the first time that I had Breast Surgery and I wanted the best. I was searching and I found that Bangmod is very well-know. So, I decided to choose Bangmod. 

Team: Did you decide to do 3 surgeries at the same time?

Khun Yui: Yes, I suggested for those who are anxious about the multiple surgery like me, you can do it and recuperate only once at the same time, so that you do not have to get hurt many times. 

Team: Did you do the surgery for the contest in particular? 

Khun Yui: Yes. Do not forget that in order to become the best, if you are looking for only natural beauty, we will not become the best. We have to open our mind and accept other people’s opinions. What does the perfect woman look like? What shape? I had to improve. I opened my mind a lot. My nose was not yet perfect. The tip was not sweet enough or the breasts still needed improvement. I opened my mind for improvement, improving myself for the better. Make the weak point into a feature point. Then, I went for the competition.

Team: So, you listened to the comments about which part needed to be improved. 

Khun Yui: Yes, because sometimes we are looking at ourselves every day, we do not know. However, if we listen to other people’s opinions and combine with ours, we will know the vision of other people. Sometimes, the qualification of the beauty pageants includes breasts. If you do not have it, you will look strange. Sometimes, I listened and looked at other people if they had one. Then, I started to open my mind. Because in the competition, do not forget that before we are going to be the best, we have to improve ourselves all the time, no matter in terms of our abilities and beauty. You must have 2 things at the same time, both inside and outside.

Team: May I ask about your profile? What do you do? What doctoral degree did you graduate from? 

Khun Yui: I graduated with a Masters in Political Science and a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. After graduating, actually I have been working since I was studying, I work in real estate and manage my own port. Right now, I am in the entertainment business as well. I shoot dramas, do modelling, and have become a host. After I got my position, I have been to other countries to present myself and promote Thai culture. 

Team: Please update us on your latest work and upcoming work. What are they?

Khun Yui: Right now, I am shooting a drama called “San To Tam Pho Rao” on Channel 10, Paksa Nakha, and Khwam Rak Khong Mae, which has  already finished and is on-air now. For upcoming work, I will present myself in Sweden and promote Thai culture. Now, I would like to invite all women with a family to take care of themselves and their health. Do not ignore this. Sometimes, we let ourselves go for 2-3 years and we can barely recognize ourselves. Sometimes, we have to take care of ourselves. 

Team: Thank you Khun Yui very much for choosing our Bangmod Hospital. 

How was it? Khun Yui is an amazing woman, right? She is beautiful both in her thoughts and on the outside that can hypnotize people around the world. 

“Dr. Yui Kanthicha Chimsiri,” Mrs. International 2016

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