Unknown Touch, Unnoticed Look!!!!
“How to have the most natural Breast Augmentation with “unknown touch, unnoticed look”!!!!!!!” 
Most people who come for Breast Augmentation believe that having big breasts will make them look better, look more beautiful with clothes on, and feel more confident. 
However!!!! They do not want other people to know that they have done Breast Augmentation. They want the breasts to look the most natural. 
First of all, the levels of natural for people who have Breast Augmentation can be divided into 3 simple levels:
Unnatural: You can tell just by looking since it looks distorted and unbalanced and are hard to the touch. You can feel the edge of the silicone. The surgery wound is big and noticeably bulges. 
Moderate natural: You cannot tell just by looking. If touching, you will know because it will be slightly harder than natural or you may feel the slight edge of the silicone. The surgery wound can be seen but not clearly and does not bulge too much. 
Very natural: You cannot tell just by looking. When touching, the breasts will feel naturally soft. The surgery wound is very natural that it is hardly visible, like the saying “unknown touch, unnoticed look.” 

Many people who come for Brest Augmentation would like to have the most natural result, is that right? 

Let’s look at the tips (not secrets) of natural breast augmentation according to medical principle: 

Choose a silicone size that fits perfectly with your body structure or slightly smaller than your body structure. The doctor will give you a thorough examination and suggestions. For example: In those who have a narrow breast base of about 5 millimeters, with thorough measurement, it will fit perfectly with silicone size 275 cc. Therefore, we should use size 275 cc. or less than that. (250 or 230 cc. is fine.) However, it should not be bigger than the measurement or calculation because!!!! a size that is bigger than our structure may look beautiful in the first phase, but later it will look unnatural. The breasts will have membranes, become hard, distorted, and you can feel the edge of the material. An augmentation that fits your body or is smaller will look more natural. 

Teardrop-shaped silicone looks more natural than round-shaped because our natural breasts are not equally round in the upper and lower parts. The lower parts bulge more. When looking from the side, it will look like a teardrop shape. Therefore, if you want breasts to look natural, choose teardrop-shaped.

Textured silicone will provide less chance of having membranes and hard breasts than smooth skin. Therefore, it will look more natural. 

Silicone that is put under the muscle will feel more natural than above the muscle. When touching, muscles will cover some parts of the silicone, providing softness and natural look. There is less chance in feeling the edge of the silicone. 

Surgery around the armpits will look more natural than under the breasts, especially in those who have less flesh to cover the wound under the breasts as the wound will be clearly visible. In the armpits, the wound will be hidden along the armpit folds more naturally. 

Treatment after the surgery!!!! It is very important just like other tips. Practice according to the doctor’s suggestion strictly after the surgery. Massage the breasts properly. Take care of the surgery wound to prevent infection and keloids. 

These tips will help you to have new, beautiful, soft, and natural breasts like the saying “unknown touch, unnoticed look!!!!” Dr. Thananchai Atsadamongkhon, Cosmetic Surgery Specialist, Bangmod Hospital 

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