Grateful Doctor…Surgery to Cure Mother!!!
“It was the proudest moment of my life in having a chance to perform a surgery to cure my own mother. I used the knowledge and surgery techniques that I have been learning throughout 15 years of being a doctor to repay the kindness of my mother.” 

Dr. Thananchai Atsadamongkhon, a young and enthusiastic doctor, is a Cosmetic Surgery Specialist of Bangmod Hospital. Many of you may be familiar with the doctor’s name because he is a famous person in the top ranks of the country in terms of providing cosmetic surgery to celebrities and many more in the entertainment business. His skills are extraordinary!!! However, when asking about his proudest case, the answer was his own “mother”.

“My mother had unbalanced eyes. Both eyelids drooped, so she couldn’t see clearly. Also, she had bags under both eyes that made her look weary and old. Therefore, the surgery was necessary. I took her to see a doctor about 10 years ago (I was a medical student at that time) and the doctor had suggested the surgery. But my mother told the doctor that she could wait. She would wait until her son graduated with a medical degree to perform the surgery for her. My mother’s saying on that day was an important push that helped me to study further in the field of cosmetic surgery. I have been studying for the knowledge and all surgery techniques seriously throughout 15 years. 

Even though I had performed surgery on many patients, there was no surgery quite like this one that made me so proud. When I graduated, I had a chance to perform corrective surgery to correct the drooping eyelids and eye-bags for my mother. Now, my mother can see more clearly and her eyes look brighter. My mother is everything to me. She gave birth to me, raised me, and taught me until becoming who I am now. Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to repay your kindness.” The doctor said with appreciation and proud. He also showed us his mother’s picture (May I ask the doctor’s permission to publish the picture of his mother?). His mother looks very much younger and has brighter eyes. 

Above all, the gratefulness of the doctor is very admiring. Admin wishes the doctor to progress and become successful in all aspects. 



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