Fat or Filler is better?

This is a question that most patients always get confused with when looking for information about filling the face. Some doctors recommend to use Filler. Some doctors suggest to use fat. In this case, it must be considered from many aspects since each method will have different advantages and disadvantages.

In case there is the need to fill any substances into the face or other parts of the body, our own tissue is the safest. There is no need to worry about rejection, including the consequences that follow in the long term. Especially, if a large quantity is needed, such as to fill the temple, cheeks, or breasts as well as to correct pitting from Liposuction, Micofat Transfer/Lipofill, our own fat should be the first alternative, not Filler. Or in risk areas, such as filling to correct deep eye sockets or eye grooves, fat is safer than Filler.

It is because it does not cause thrombosis like it can with Filler. Also, it is a single and effective treatment in the long term which has a very low chance for repeat procedures, unlike Filler, which  must be done continually and each filling has risks. Moreover, repeat fillings in the same spot becomes more difficult as membranes begin to occur inside. As such, the result is not as good as the first time. Therefore, you should first choose fat for the body part it can be used on, except when we do not have enough fat or enough time for recuperation. Lipofilling takes a longer recuperation time.
However, it does not mean that Filler cannot be used at all. In some areas, the fat can work poorly. For example: In shallow parts, such as cheek grooves, wrinkles, or shallow wounds. Filler is often better in solving this problem. Or in case a small quantity is needed, such as at the chin or lips, Filler can still be used at this places. 

One of the factors that is not often mentioned is the different skills of the doctors. Some doctors who cannot perform Lipofilling often say that Lipofilling is not good since it does not last long before it disappears, even though they have never done or never received effective results. The most important thing is that they have never seen other doctors who can perform the procedure accurately with good results. They will encourage patients to have Filler only because it is easier and it doesn’t need much skill. This point should be acknowledged as well.  

In conclusion, Filler and fat have different indicators. There might be some parts that overlap. However, we should know the information in all aspects first because we are the only one who will decide for the treatment in the end. This is the question that most people often get confused with while looking for information about facial filling. Some doctors may suggest Filler and some doctors may suggest fat. In this case, it must be considered in several aspects since each method has different advantages and disadvantages. 

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