Mommy Makeover: Is it time for “mother” to “change”!?!
The main problems of aging mothers or mothers with children are definitely sagging breasts, excess fat, abdominal stretch marks, and wrinkled facial skin, right? 

If you are facing these problems, it is time to get up and “change” yourself. We have ways to deal with all these problems, which are: 

1. Sagging breasts 
In fact, sagging breasts is a normal part of the body of aging women. If you are breastfeeding, the breasts will become more saggy than those who never breastfeed. As for the word ‘sagging’, it can be noticed from our nipples that point towards the ground. However, no need to worry since there is a method to correct the sagging breasts problem, which is a “Breast Lift”. 

In some cases with mothers who have less breast flesh, when breastfeeding, the breasts often sag. Therefore, Breast Lift may be needed together with Breast Augmentation. However, for those mothers who have too big breasts, they can have their breasts cut together with a Breast Lift. Apart from Breast Lift and Breast Augmentation, mothers who have the problems of having too big areolas or too big nipples, they can also be made to become smaller. 

2. Excess fat 
As we all know, it is difficult for aging women with no children to control their weight. Normally, it is easy to lose weight when exercising. When we get older or have children, burning fat becomes more difficult, which causes the flesh to become loose and unfit with excess fat. We can deal with these problems with “Liposuction”. 

Liposuction involves the opening of a small wound in the required area. Then, a tube is inserted. Liposuction allows the mother to have a better figure and less fat. 

3. Abdominal stretch marks 
Mothers with children often have problems around the abdomen and abdominal stretch marks. This can be corrected by “Abdominoplasty,” which is makes a long line by cutting along the bikini line to remove some skin. In some people, it may be done together with Liposuction, which can solve the problem better. However, no need to worry about the wound. If you apply the medicine often, the wound will slowly disappear. 

Abdominoplasty is popular among foreigners because of their big physical build. Liposuction is often done together with Abdominoplasty. Some mothers ask if they have the abdominal stretch marks, can they have only Abdominoplasty? The answer is yes. The abdomen of mothers after having a baby often has stretch marks, which make them unconfident. This can be corrected by having Abdominoplasty. 

4. Facial wrinkles
It cannot be denied that the face is very important. It is necessary to take good care of it. You should not ignore and always make it look young at all times.

When we get older, we often face similar problems, which are older face and wrinkled skin. The ways to deal with such problems are Face Lift, Neck Lift, Temporal Lift, and Forehead Lift.

The easily noticeable points that indicate old age are the temples, cat’s whisker, and under sunken eyes. If all these can be fixed, it will make you look younger. 

Now, it is time for all mothers to get up and “change” themselves for their confidence, for themselves, and for their loved ones.

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