Breast Review from Nong Ket by Dr. Thananchai Atsadamongkhon
I have a review from Nong Ket. Now, she is beautiful and very sexy. Let’s read about her story. 

Hello. I am Mrs. Sirada Sirithap. I am studying in my senior year at Rajamangala University of Technology Isan, Nakhon Ratchasima Province. I am 21 years old. I am 165 centimeters tall and weigh 43 kilograms. Let’s call me by my nickname. 

“I am Ket.” 

I am just like all girls who want to be born beautiful and want to be a model. I like to read fashion magazines. When I saw a beautiful model with long legs and beautiful pose, I would fold up the article and keep them as my little dream.  

In fact, I am only an ordinary country girl. Everyone must have been through this stage (during junior high school). At that time, I thought I looked fine with layered hair and strong look. When I went to university, I wore braces. My life changed for the better. I started to change my hairstyle. I had long, straight hair. I discovered myself in university that I was a woman with an okay figure. I felt confident so I started to do model shoots. I did shoots with everyone, my university friends, my friends who liked to try out the camera, or my boyfriend who wanted to take photos just for fun. It was fun doing what I dreamed about when I was young. Let’s look at the pictures. (Don’t be frightened because I changed a lot.) 

I went to several castings. I thought that I was beautiful (wishful thinking). It turned out that I was never selected. I did a self-evaluation and realized that maybe it was because I didn’t have breasts, so I didn’t feel confident while posing. Just the body was not enough for doing sexy photoshoots. 

I stared to look for more information online. I searched on websites about Breast Augmentation and saw reviews of clinics and several hospitals. Then, I found news that totally changed my life. It was news from Bangmod Hospital (#1 in a Top 5 list). For me, the doctor did a beautiful and natural job on the breasts. It was a press release about Happily Ever After, which gave the opportunity for everyone to compete in telling their own story and reasons for surgery. I did not hesitate. I thought it was a great opportunity for me, and it made me who I am today. 

The Beauty by Bangmod: Annoucement for Happily Ever After 

I was the winner in the Happily Ever After contest and received 300 cc round breast augmentation as the award. I was very lucky. The doctor was very good and I did not feel any pain. It wasn’t like what I thought it would be. The wound healed quickly and the shape was beautiful. It was suitable with my shape. I recommend everyone to have Breast Augmentation at Bangmod. 

At present, I just graduated from university. I am going to a lot of castings and have gotten some. Recently, I had a chance to cast for work at Playboy Magazine. Whatever happens, you can follow me for updates on my work. Thank you. 

Khun Ket, Model with Breast Augmentation by Dr. Thananchai; Khun Ket, Model with Breast Augmentation by Dr. Thananchai, Bangmod Hospital 


Our team would like to thank you Nong Ket for a good review and we are very happy to be a part in making Nong Ket’s dream come true. Congratulations. 

“Women must not stop being beautiful. Everyone can be more beautiful in the way you are, which is not the same. Everyone is different, but special in your own way.”

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