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Hello. Many of you are looking for information about Breast Augmentation. What style? Which shape of silicone? What size? Where is the surgery wound? Under or lower than the muscles? What is Dual Plane? Is endoscopy good? Can I do breastfeeding? Does it hurt like getting run over by a truck? What is the lifetime of the silicone? Does it have to change? Is there a chance of having skin cancer? Will the feeling around the nipples be the same? 

These are the questions that are frequently asked. Admin has tried to collect them for you. Today, all the questions have the answers. We have asked for information at Bangmod Hospital, the well-known hospital and famous for beautiful breast augmentation, which is #1 at this time. 

Admin has asked for suggestions from Dr. Thananchai Atsadamongkhon, Cosmetic Surgery Specialist and Director of Bangmod Aesthetic Center. 

What are the interesting things? Let’s follow. 

What are the main problems of the women who come for consultation about their breasts? 

“The main problem of females regarding breasts that can be corrected by using the surgery can be categorized into 4 cases: 

Too small breasts can be corrected by Breast Augmentation for a bigger size. 

Too big breasts can be corrected by Breast Reduction for a smaller size or breasts can be cut to change from female to male. 

Those who have sagging breasts can have Mastopexy, which can lift the flesh and relocate the position of the areola to be higher. 

Those who have breast cancer and breasts have been cut, Breast Reconstruction can be done. 

However, the most commonly found problem, especially in Asian and Thai people, is having small breasts and wanting to make them bigger.” 

Khun Tukta, celebrity who had Breast Augmentation at Bangmod Hospital.

How many types of silicone are there in Breast Augmentation? What are they?

“Regarding the selection of silicone for Breast Augmentation, there are 3 things to choose from: 

Choose between round-shaped and teardrop-shaped. Both types have different advantages and disadvantages. Round shape will have bulges in both upper and lower parts, with more breast slope on the upper part. If you want to look beautiful in clothes with lots of breast slope, choose round-shaped. However, it is less natural than teardrop shape. As for teardrop-shaped, it will have more curves. The lower part is bulges more than the upper part, which looks like the shape of breasts. Therefore, it looks more natural. This is only the brief principles in choosing the shape. 

2. Choose the skin of the silicone between smooth or textured 

The advantages of smooth skin are that it is cheaper and easy to put on. However, there might be capsular contracture, which can harden the breasts. Textured skin is better than smooth skin because textured skin is built to distribute forces, so that there will be less capsular contracture and less chance of having hard breasts. It looks more natural but the price is higher than smooth skin. 

3. Choose the size: Measurement is needed to see which size is suitable with your body structure. 

Doctor, why do many people use 400 or 500 cc??? Is it true that big is more beautiful?? 

For Breast Augmentation, in choosing the appropriate size and shape, the doctor must do a thorough examination on the existing flesh, the width and the length of the breast structure, the size of the breast base, and the thickness of the skin and fat layer, which are different in each person. Therefore, it is not recommend for patients to determine their own size, like 300, 350, or 400 cc. You should tell the doctor briefly that you want Cup C, Cup D, or want the breasts to be about 2 Cups bigger. Then, the doctor will measure and evaluate for the appropriate size. For example: Those who have a small structure with a narrow breast base and some flesh, only 250-300 cc. can enlarge the breasts from Cup A to Cup C perfectly and naturally. 

For those who want a very big augmentation, you should be aware that having Breast Augmentation with silicone that is too big for the body structure will create bad effects in the long term. 

1. Silicone with too much weight will make the breasts become sagging easily.

2. Too big silicone will look unnatural and you can feel the edge of the material.

3. Too big silicone will stimulate the body to create capsular contracture, which will harden the breasts and it can be distorted easily in the future.

Therefore, if you want to have Breast Augmentation, consult the doctor for thorough examination and select the size that is appropriate for your body. 

Where should I hide the surgery wound from Breast Augmentation?

“For the Breast Augmentation, there are 4 places for the surgery wound: armpits, under the breasts, areola, and navel. The material can be inserted through these wounds. At present, the 2 most popular methods are:

1. Axillary Incision: The advantage is that the wound is not clearly visible. It will be hidden along the armpit line. The wound will be more beautiful. Especially in those who have less flesh of the breast or no flesh to cover the wound under the breasts, the surgery at the armpits is better. Those who can have keloids easily, it is better to hide the wound at the armpits. This is the method that celebrities and most people like to do. However, this method needs more expertise of the doctor.

2. Inframammary Incision: The advantages are that it can be easily done with less pain. However, in the long term, the scar can be more clearly seen. 

There is the saying that Breast Augmentation is painful like getting run over by a truck.  Is it as scary as people say?

Blunt dissection technique is the use of heavy metal to make a cavity. There might be a lot of bruising of the tissue, which can be painful like getting run over by a truck. 
Nowadays, the surgery technique and equipment have been greatly developed. Sharp dissection technique is performing cauterization by using equipment, which provides the tissues with less bruising. There is endoscopic assisted surgery and good painkillers after the surgery. Therefore, at present, there is no pain like getting run over by a truck. You do not have to be scared about the pain. The average recuperation time is only 1-2 days, then you can go back to work as normal. 

In case of doing Breast Augmentation, is it necessary to come back to check with the doctor for changes every 10 years? 

Silicone that is used in Breast Augmentation is continually developed in many models and many grades according to the times. If you had Breast Augmentation about 20-30 years ago, you should check with the doctor since there might be a chance of deterioration. If there are problems, like the silicone leakage, hardening, or distortion, you should change. 

For those who have Breast Augmentation in the present times, the chance of leakage or any other problems are very rare. According to the research, it was found that the silicone can stay with us for a lifetime. There is no need to change if there is no problem. (FullSizeRender) 

I have heard that in Breast Augmentation, there are both above the muscles and under the muscles. What are they? Can you please give us some explanations? 

There are 2 ways of placing the material for Breast Augmentation in the past, which are above the muscles and under the muscles. There are different advantages and disadvantages:
Subglandular Plane: The doctor can perform it easily with no need for pectoralis major muscle. There will be less pain and less loss of blood after the surgery. The disadvantage is that if the patient’s skin is thin and we place material above the muscles, there is nothing to cover the material. Therefore, there might be a chance in touching the edge of the material. The naturalness will be less. According to the study, it was found that the subglandular plane has a chance of having capsular contracture, which will harden and distort the breasts in the future. 

Subpectoral Plane is placing a material under the pectoralis major muscle. The advantage is that it will look more natural because there are muscles to cover the material. The chance of touching the edge of the material is less. The chance of having capsular contracture, which can harden the breasts, is also less. The disadvantage is that the doctor must cut the muscles and lift them up to place the silicone underneath. Therefore, it will be more painful after the surgery, more blood loss, and there is a chance that the material will dislocate from the contraction of the muscles. 

However, the medical revolution for Breast Augmentation nowadays is more up-to-date. Therefore, there are procedures that combine the advantages of both methods and reduce the problems or disadvantages of the 2 methods above. 

They are Dual Plane and Subfascial Plane. 

3. Dual Plane is putting the materials in the 2 layers by using the muscles to cover only the upper part of the material, which makes the upper part of the material to be under the muscles and the lower part of the material to be above the muscles. 

4. Subfascial plane is putting the material under the tissues that cover the muscles, which is in the middle, between the north and the south of the muscles. 

Dual Plane: Double Augmentation; the upper part is under the muscles and the lower part is above the muscles
With the special technique of Bangmod Hospital, we have the experience about Breast Surgery for more than 30 years. We focus on the best results, which are less pain and quick healing, which will provide you with new, beautiful, soft, and natural-shaped breasts. 

In conclusion, what are the good results of Breast Surgery? 

There are mainly 6 “good results” of Breast Augmentation that all patients must know: 

1. Safe surgery with no medical complications 
2. Natural shape and suitable size for the breast structure of each person; not too big 
3. Both breasts are symmetry and look closer together
4. Soft touch like real breasts; Not hard and cannot feel the edge of material 
5. Small and smooth surgery wound; No keloid 
6. Less surgery pain and less swelling; Able to go back to normal life quickly 

Khun Ket, a model who had Breast Augmentation at Bangmod Hospital; Khun Ket, a model who had Breast Augmentation at Bangmod Hospital by Dr. Thananchai

Doctor, I have seen many people who have done the surgery and the breasts are “hard.” However, those who have the surgery with Bangmod Hospital look natural and not hard. Why is that? Do you have any tips????

Everyone who has Breast Augmentation would like the surgery to turn out natural, right? I do not have any special tips, except doing according to the medical principle for the best result. The principles for beautiful, soft, and natural Breast Augmentation are as follows:

1. Choose a silicone size that fits perfectly with your body structure or slightly smaller than your body structure. The doctor will give you a thorough examination and suggestions. For example: In those who have a narrow breasts base of about 5 millimeters, with thorough measurement, it will fit perfectly with silicone size 275 cc. Therefore, we should use size 275 cc. or less than that. (250 or 230 cc. is fine.) However, it should not be bigger than the measurement or calculation because!!!! a size that is bigger than our structure may look beautiful in the first phase, but later it will look unnatural. The breasts will have membranes, become hard, distorted, and you can feel the edge of the material. An augmentation that fits your body or is smaller will look more natural. 

2. Teardrop-shaped silicone looks more natural than round-shaped because our natural breasts are not equally round in the upper and lower parts. The lower parts bulge more. When looking from the side, it will look like a teardrop shape. Therefore, if you want breasts to look natural, choose teardrop-shaped.

3. Textured silicone will provide less chance of having membranes and hard breasts than smooth skin. Therefore, it will look more natural. 

4. Silicone that is put under the muscle will feel more natural than above the muscle. When touching, muscles will cover some parts of the silicone, providing softness and natural look. There is less chance in feeling the edge of the silicone. 

5. Surgery around the armpits will look more natural than under the breasts, especially in those who have less flesh to cover the wound under the breasts as the wound will clearly visible. In the armpits, the wound will be hidden along armpit folds more naturally. 

6. Treatment after the surgery!!!! It is very important just like other tips. Practice according to the doctor’s suggestion strictly after the surgery. Massage the breasts properly. Take care of the surgery wound to prevent infection and keloids. 

These tips help you to have the new, beautiful, soft, and natural breasts.

Can I breastfeed after Breast Augmentation? Will the feeling around the nipples be the same??

In Breast Augmentation, whether above or under the muscles, the materials will be put under the breasts and duct in all methods. The duct is not affected, so you can breastfeed as normal. Regarding the feelings around the areola or nipples, Breast Augmentation does not affect the nerve that goes to the nipples. Therefore, the feelings are the same, not decreasing. 

Is there more chance of having breast cancer after Breast Augmentation? 

According to the research around the world, it was found that standard silicone is not carcinogenic and the chance of breast cancer is not increased.  (Those who have augmentation and do not have augmentation have a similar chance of having breast cancer.) 

Moreover, after Breast Augmentation, we can check for breast cancer with Mammogram and Ultrasound to screen for breast cancer as usual. 

Doctor gives us knowledge in all aspects. 

I understand now why people have Breast Augmentation at Bangmod Hospital, including celebrities and famous people. I feel the professionalism of Bangmod Hospital and the doctors.

Thank you Dr. Thananchai Atsadamongkhon, Cosmetic Surgery Specialist and Director of Bangmod Aesthetic Center. 

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