“Face Lift...Age Cheating Surgery” Beauty Trend of Elders 

Apart part from your identification card number that specifies your age, wrinkles on the face is another thing that can reflect age. Women are finding different ways and supplements to slow down and correct the skin and wrinkles. For example: Skin care products, Botox, Filler, or even Fine Thread. However, such methods can only temporarily slow down aging for only several months. 

Since 2018, Face Lift has been a popular surgery trend and its popularity has continued until this year, supported by the healthcare and beauty trend, and the entering into an aging society. Economic Intelligence Center (EIC) of Siam Commercial Bank has revealed that the overall of beautification market around the world is valued at 21 million baht with growth of 7% per year. Meanwhile, the Asian market has a value of 1 in 5 the beautification market around the world with a growth of 14% per year during 2012-2014. The popularity in the beautification market service is trending in the anti-aging services, which does not have an age or gender limit and is instead expanding in gender and age.  

Dr. Thananchai Atsadamongkhon, Director and Cosmetic Surgery Specialist of Bangmod Hospital, revealed that “At this moment, the new Face Lift technique is becoming popular in Japan. It is a Face Lift under the skin layer, which is called SMAS (SUPERFICIAL MUSCULO-APONEUROTIC SYSTEM) which is appropriate for oriental faces. Since it is a lift under the skin layer, the result looks more natural with less skin cut. The result is that bruises and the wound will be less than traditional surgery. With this technique, patients can recuperate at the hospital only 1-2 days or can go home right after with only the slight bruising and go back to work within 1 week. 

For the Face Lift, you can choose to do only the problematic part. The face is divided into 4 parts, which are:
1. Temporal Lift to lift dropping eyes and correct crow’s feet at the temples, which tightens the upper face and lifts the cheekbones.
2. Mid-Face Lift to lift the cheekbones and tighten the area around the middle of the face. 
3. SMASectomy+plication to reduce the nasolabial fold, correct the marionette line, tighten the lower face, and lift the jowl to make a V-shape.
4. Neck Lift tightens the neck and reduces sagging and wattle around the neck to match with a younger look.”

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