Skin Peeling with Crystals (Microdermasion)
“Smooth and bright skin” is something that young people wish to be confident in to meet other people and in their daily life, whether in school age or working age. Everyone wants to make those who meet us feel impressed with soft and white skin. One of the popular methods now is Microdermasion. How many people truly know about this technique? Therefore, in order to be “more confident,” let’s learn about “Microdermasion.”

Microdermasion is a technique that sprays crystal particles of sterilized Aluminum Oxide onto the skin at high speed to peel off the skin to the scurf layer and upper epidermis, which consists of deteriorated skin cells and excess pigment, as well as stimulate the body to build new skin cells as a replacement. Moreover, it can stimulate the building of collagen fiber and elastic fiber in the dermis layer. Microdermasion is not painful. It does not create any wound or allergy. After the skin peeling, the skin will become smooth and brightened. Scars will become shallower. 

Advantages of Microdermasion
1. Reduces dark spots and puncture wounds from acne
2. Enhances blemish and dark spot treatment from acne
3. Corrects wrinkles problems
4. Enhances acne treatment, especially with comedones 
5. Flattens and softens keloids
6. Mitigates stretch marks around the hip, thigh, and upper arm, etc. 
7. Increases brightness to the face. Corrects dull skin and premature wrinkles on the face.

When you know more about the advantages of Microdermasion, do not forget to build confidence for your facial skin by having Microdermasion. More importantly, you should select a place with hospital standard so that you will be more confident in your beauty treatment.  

Thank you for the information from Dr. Aphirak Tiralapphananon
Diploma in Dermatology
Fellow in Dermatologic Laser Surgery

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