Before and After Preparation after “Hip Augmentation”

Hip Augmentation is considered to be very popular among Thai women in the new generation who want to build their confidence when wearing clothes for a beautiful and sexy look like the ideal woman. Let’s learn about “before and after preparation after Hip Augmentation.” 

Practice before the Surgery
1. Inform the doctor about any allergies to oral medicines or anesthetics. 
2. If you have a congenital disease or take regular medicine, consult the doctor and inform the surgeons in advance. 
3. If the disease can be permanently cured, do it first. 
4. If the disease cannot be permanently cured, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart disease, control them to be in normal condition. 
5. Abstain or quit smoking at least 4 weeks before and after the surgery because smoking can make the wound heal slowly
6. Abstain from alcoholic drinks at night before the surgery and 1 week after the surgery.
7. Abstain from hemostatic drugs, such as aspirin, at least 1 week before the surgery and supplementary vitamins such as Vitamin E, fish oil, grape seeds, gingko leaves, and ginseng, etc.
8. In patients with inhaled anesthetic, abstain from drink and food at least 6-8 hours.
9. Prepare loose and easy to wear clothes. Abstain from using lotion on the body in the morning of the surgery.
10. Prepare the mind and acknowledge that there might be some bruises and changes, which can take time to settle. 

Practice after the Surgery
1. Stay at the hospital for about 1-2 days.
2. Normally, lymphatic drainage will be inserted for 1-2 days to prevent the lymph or blood clot.
3. Lie down on the stomach or on the sides at least 1 week to press down on the silicone bag.
4. After 1 week, the position may be changed to sitting or lying on back as normal. There should be soft materials or pillows to give support while sitting.
5. Do not allow the wound to be wet for 7 days. In case of excretion, do not use water to rinse. Dap with toilet paper instead. 
6. Have a soft diet. 
7. After the surgery, patients must wear the elastic bandage at the hip or wear close-fitting pants for 1 week, which will prevent the silicone from moving around.
8. Normally, the stitches will be taken off in 7-10 days, depending on the tightness of the wound.
9. In about 10 days, you can do your daily routine and drive. 
10. Able to have normal exercise after 4 weeks.
11. Do not have an injection at the hip. 

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