“Face Lift for Wrinkled Face”

In this era, both females and males do not want to look old in other people’s eyes and are trying to find a way to always look good and beautiful. Now, everyone pays attention to their health and physical, including taking care of the beauty and skin. However, we cannot fight with the physical change from the increasing age, in which it causes the wrinkles and the sagging. 

Today, with the advanced technology and the developed medical technique, the problems of sagging face, wrinkles, and deep folds are not serious anymore. At Bangmod Aesthetic Center, Dr. Thananchai Atsadamongkhon, Cosmetic Surgery Specialist, makes it possible for us to say goodbye to a sagging face that makes you look like uncles and aunts to look naturally tight again. Most importantly, the surgery technique of the doctor is a special technique that was invented for a beautiful and natural result, taking less recuperation time and addresses the issue clearly, keeping the face tight for 10 years. It takes about 3 hours with less pain, quick healing, and 1-2 days for recuperation before you can return to your daily life as normal. No need to worry about scars. We emphasize the science and continuous development of the art. Admin confirms. 



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