Good Doctor!!

Hello. Today there is another impressive story from the medical team and nurses of Bangmod Aesthetic Center. This time, it is an impressed foreigner with the Face Lift. We often welcome and take care of foreign customers. But this time is special. Surely, anyone who listens to this story will smile.

“Mae Yai,” a 62-year-old Laos woman from the United States of America, had contacted and made an appointment with the Aesthetic Center. She had discovered the story about Bangmod Aesthetic Center from online media that the doctor is good and when finished, she would look beautiful with less pain, quick healing, and natural look.

On the appointment day, Mae Yai came with her 3 children for a Temporal Lift, Neck Lift, and Face Lift with the hope and intention of having a younger face, tightened, young, and no wrinkles. Unfortunately, she cannot talk about this for anyone to hear with her voice and her feelings because she is deaf. She cannot speak, but she can communicate by using sign language. 

When Mae Yai arrived at the hospital, she went up to the 12th Floor to see the doctor and have her physical examination. Her physical condition was ready for the surgery. After the surgery, she recuperated in the department area. Her daughter brought Mae Yai a mirror for her to look at herself. She immediately cried, “Ah..Ah..Ah” very loudly and put her 2 thumbs up and down repeatedly and pointed at her own face. 

Her daughter said, “Mae Yai is very pleased. Her face is tightened.” 

She was more pleased when her children said to her that “Your face looks like you are 35 years old.” 

Mae Yai’s children encircled her and said, “Good..Good..Good, Doctor good.” 

After the excitement died down, the nurses arranged for Mae Yai to take a rest and asked her, “Are you in pain?” (By pointing to the face and squeezing the fingers together.) Mae Yai understood, shook her head, waved her hands, squeezed the fingers together, and smiled.

Her daughter helped with the communication and said, “Not pain at all. Very good. Good..Good, very good.” (Put her 2 thumbs up as usual.) 

After 1 hour, there was a loud noise from Mae Yai’s room again. The nurses were frightened and went in to look at Mae Yai. It appeared that Mae Yai had made a video call to show her friends even with all the cloth wrapping her face. Though Mae Yai had many procedures, whether Face Lift, Neck Lift, and Temporal Lift, Mae Yai was able to sleep all night with no pain at all. She had taken the medicine according to the treatment plan. She had no pain and never asked for any needles. She was brilliant. 
After 1 night, it was time to remove the cloth that wrapped her face and neck. Mae Yai was still happy and said, “Happy..Good..Good..Good.” (Put her 2 thumbs up as usual.) Now, we cannot call her “Mae Yai” anymore because her face looks 10 years younger. Before saying goodbye, Mae Yai told us that we will see each other again because she will bring her friends to do the Face Lift here. She really loves it. 

This is another impressive story of Bangmod Aesthetic Center that happens every day. 

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