“Sai – Em” won “THE BEAUTY” 

After going through the first round from 600 clips, we got the winner for “THE BEAUTY,” the contest for talented people who lack confidence with their body and appearance that was held by “Bangmod Aesthetic Center,” by experts with more than 30 years of experience. In the final round on 1 April, Bangmod Hospital was full of fun, smiles, and impressions throughout the event. 

Before the competition of the official final round, “Bangmod Aesthetic Center” opened the Aesthetic Center on the 12th Floor to provide knowledge about cosmetic surgery and skin treatment to the 5 contestants: Khun Em – Thiranai Siralalat, Khun Mukda – Saichai Khanatha, Khun An – Suphalak Lapphaisan, Khun Ball – Naruabet Wayusaeng, and Khun Sai – Phusida Wannason; together with allowing them to touch various types of silicone that are used in hip and breast augmentation. The 2 guest speakers were RN. Niphaphon Rakthongdaeng, Head of Aesthetic Center, and RN. Aphinya Somrup, Registered Nurse, who gave explanations and talked openly, which interested the contestants very much. 
Point 1 is the silicone showroom for breast augmentation and hip augmentation.

Point 2 is the Skin Treatment room.

Point 3 is the surgery room. 

In the final round of the competition, Dr. Thananchai Atsadamongkhon, Cosmetic Surgery Specialist and Director of Bangmod Aesthetic Center, was the head judge, together with an honorable committee made up of Dr. Thewadet Atsadamongkhon, Chief Executive Officer of Bangmod Hospital; Khun Natthaphong Chiraphattanon, General Manager; and the brand ambassadors of Bangmod Aesthetic Center, who were Dr. Kanthicha Chimsiri, Mrs. International 2016; Khun Trakanta Nopphawong, Mrs. World Noble Queen International 2017; and actress, Khun Punthipha Suwannarat, seated at the judges’ seats. 

In the final round of the competition, though there were only 5 contestants left, the judges had a serious discussion since each contestant had shown their abilities and pulled no punches. A northern woman from Chiang Mai, “Khun Sai – Phusida Wannason,” the first contestant, had awed the judges with her abilities. She was perfect both with her appearance and abilities, like singing and dancing. This was not including her artist skill that she showed on the stage. You can say that she is a new and perfect generation of woman. 

Another man who is also full of abilities, “Khun Ball – Naruabet Wayusaeng, who wanted to up his level by writing a poem and reading the rhythm of prose, received a round of applause and attracted the interest from the contestants and judges. Khun Ball had written a catchy poem about the surgery for the new generation, which made the judges realize how seriously talented the contestants were.

About half way through the competition, a woman who took the hearts of the judges and audiences was “Khun Mukda – Saichai Khanatha.” Though she was ill with a hoarse voice, she was not worried and showed her moves and voice with all her power. The cheering team gave her a round of applause and encouragement at all times. The same happened with “Khun Em – Thiranai Siralalat,” a young man from Sakon Nakhon Province, who sang the Royal Song “Khwam Fan An Sung Sut,” which was composed by His Majesty the King Bhumibol Adulyadej, together with famous songs like “Sai Wa Si Bo Thim Kan.” The stage was on fire. 

Before Khun Em passed the stick on to “Khun An – Suphalak Lapphaisan,” the last contestant who went all out with her costume and performance, we all recognized the friendships that were made between the contestants, because after each performance, the contestants gave each other encouragement and cheered the next contestant with all their hearts. Then, Khun An performed the Thai traditional blessing dance and received words of admiration from the judges as well as good suggestions. 
Finally, the exciting moment that everyone was waiting for had arrived. Who was going to be the first “THE BEAUTY” of Thailand? Because all contestants were full of abilities, the judges needed time to have a serious discussion. When it was time to announce the award, the 5 contestants stood in front of the stage. The first award to announce was the 3 Honorable Mention Awards, which was awarded to Khun Ball – Naruabet, Khun Mukda – Saichai, and Khun An – Suphalak. All of them received a voucher for 20,000 baht with a certificate and souvenir.

The winner of this event surprised the contestants and the audience because there were 2 winners. The winners were Khun Sai – Phusida from Chiang Mai Province and Khun Em – Thiranai from Sakon Nakhon Province. They received free surgery from Bangmod Aesthetic Center with a certificate and souvenir. 

Dr. Thananchai Atsadamongkhon, Cosmetic Surgery Specialist and Director of Bangmod Aesthetic Center, and also the head judge, concluded that:

“I would like to thank all judges and the 5 contestants for coming today. Beginning with 600 clips from those who were interested in showing their abilities, the judges selected 8 contestants. The last 5 contestants are standing here. I would like everyone to be proud that you are people with talents. Even though you may have received or not received an award today, I would like all of you to continue with your dream. 

I have a patient who has a similar dream like the 5 of you, which is to be in the entertainment business. He was taking acting classes and already had the skills, but he couldn’t get a job or pass the casting. When I had interviewed him, I learned that he was not confident with his nose and eyes. After that, he had come for consultation and had the surgery. The result was that he passed the casting and got the job. 

In fact, I know the interview committee from Kantana. So, I asked him why they chose this person. The answer that I got was that the committee did not know that the applicant had done the surgery. He just felt that this person was more confident because he had come here for the 2nd time and the appearance was not part of the evaluation. When we feel confident, the eye expression, the acting, and the feeling will come out from the inside. Actually, I would like everyone to see the surgery as a small thing, and that small thing can make us become more confident. The important thing is how we look at ourselves. It does not depend on how other people look at us. Lastly, thank you everyone for today and may everyone become successful in life. Keep following your dream and be able to do it because everyone has the ability.” 

After this, we have to see how the life of Khun Sai and Khun Em will change after having the surgery to increase their confidence with Bangmod Aesthetic Center. 

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