About “Lips”
Presenting the trend for Lip Surgery!!! Lip Surgery has been going on for more than 100 years. The popularity and preference in each era vary according to the trend and mouths of famous celebrities at that time.

Overall, Europeans and Americans like to have thick lips with volume at the top and bottom. Asians, on the other hand, like thin lips. 

Regarding horn-chestnut-shaped lips (some people call them bird wings, bow, or cupid lips), they are popular only in Asia, especially in Thailand. During the last 5-10 years, Thailand has been doing Thin Lips + Horn-Chestnut-Shaped Lips Surgery ranked top in the world.

However, from many Thin Lips + Horn-Chestnut-Shaped Lips surgeries in the past, there were many problems: 

1. Lips that are too thin, so that the mouth cannot close. The teeth that can be seen with a gummy smile. 
2. Hard keloid around the surgery area.

These made Thin Lips + Horn-Chestnut-Shaped Lips become less popular. 

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