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Double Eyelid / Upper Eyes

Since the eyes can be spellbinding, everyone wants to have bright eyes to impress other people. Therefore, it is not uncommon that people nowadays like to have double eyelid surgery to increase their confidence. It is one of the things that support you to have a brighter face and bigger eyes. For double eyelid surgery by “Bangmod Techniques”, the doctor will use laser in the surgery to reduce the swelling and allow the wound to heal quicker. It is better than having external surgery in which you will lose lots of blood, and have a long and slow healing wound. Moreover, the fat surgery and suture are done inside the eyes. The wound will be small with an eye layer that looks natural. It needs less recuperation, no need to take the stitches off, and you are able to wash the face within 1 day. 

The eyes indicate intelligence, sincerity, and strong health. Everyone would like to have bright eyes to impress other people. Therefore, it is not uncommon that people nowadays like to have double eyelid surgery, especially with women with small eyes or single eyelid that their friends often make fun of them for until losing confidence. When having double eyelid surgery, the eye layer will become bigger, which makes the eyes brighter and increases confidence. More importantly, it can enhance the vision.

Some people believe in physiognomy that having bigger eyes can help you go through all troubles and get rid of enemies that come in various forms, such as black magic or other deadly diseases. From experience, there are many people who believe in physiognomy. Some people truly believe. Some people come because their master has suggested. Some people study by themselves. Some people come because of word of mouth. At present, the double eyelid surgery is popular in people of all ages since they understand that it will provide a brighter face and bigger eyes.

In case of older people or middle-aged people, the sagging eyelid can be reduced. The iris or the visual field will become wider and look brighter like teenagers. It is very popular because the operation takes a short time, about 15-30 minutes. The pain is less and the healing time for wound is no more than 1 week. It is easy with less pain and quick healing. Nowadays, there are new techniques that can cure without creating any external wound and take about 10 minutes for the operation. There will be a slight swelling and you can wash your face straightaway. The double eyelid surgery is popular, especially among actors and actresses, who need their face for work. There must be no appearing wound. After finishing, you can go back to work straightaway.

For the new techniques, the operation can be categorized into 2 categories, which are:
- Reduction and Suture: For reduction, there are many types which depends on the expertise of the doctor, the eye shape, and the patients’ needs.
- Suture: There is an internal and external suture with laser and 1 point to 5 point sutures with beads, rubber tubes, or others, depending on the technique of each doctor. You can choose the type under the suggestion of the doctor.

For some teenagers who are afraid of pain from a local anesthetic, they can choose to put a sticker on the upper eye. However, in middle-aged and older people, the sticker is not effective. When calculating the expense of stickers and the surgery, it is not worth it. So, they should have the surgery. Some people who do not know how to put the sticker on will feel irritated or some will be allergic to the stickers. The popular method is surgery or liposuction under the eyes. 

Liposuction under the eyes must be done through the internal eyelid. 
Advantage: No external wound
Disadvantage: Can correct only the bags under the eyes. Unable to correct the wrinkles outside the eyes. Suitable for those who have tighten outer skin with less wrinkles. 

Eye Bag Surgery / Lower Eyes

In eye bag surgery by “Bangmod Techniques”, the doctor will use laser in the surgery, which will cause less bruising and quick wound healing. The shallow fat will be taken out and only the deep fat is left for natural look. It is different from normal eye bag surgery that takes out all fat under the eyes, which can cause hollowed and deep eyes.

Triple Eyelid Surgery
In foreign textbooks, there is no triple eyelid surgery, but it exists in Japan. Normally, people who have double eyelids will have a natural eyelid layer from the folded eyelid or wrinkles. Triple eyelids can be done by adding another layer to the double eyelid. However, it should be considered whether you want a small or big layer and which layer should be deeper than the other.

Outer Temporal Lift
Have you ever woken up, looked at yourself in the mirror, and complained to yourself about why your upper eyelid is sagging with crow’s feet (falcon’s feet)? Surely, the sagging skin or creases that indicate old age is one thing that you do not wish to happen, but it must according to the rules of nature. Then, we try to find cream to put on. We buy the cream from advertisements that say it can reduce the creases and tighten the skin within half an hour. Cosmetic surgery can help you. It is called crow’s feet surgery. I will give you the information for your knowledge to make a decision. 

It starts with the doctor’s evaluation to see how much the sagging and creases of the skin are. Then, the doctor will ask you to take anxiolytic, which may make you feel sleepy. Then, inject the anesthetic on the skin around the temple and the hair line. It means that when the surgery is done, your wound will be covered by the hair. No one will see the evidence of the surgery.

The doctor will cut open the small wound for about 3-4 centimeters long. Then, pull the sagging muscle skin to tighten it by cutting and suturing to close the wound. All these procedures will take no less than 1 hour. Then, you can take a rest at home with slight bruise around the surgery area, which will be back to normal in 1-2 weeks. In case you are afraid of the surgery but still want to do it, an anesthetic will be given to put you to sleep before the surgery. In this case, you have to stay at the hospital until feeling fully conscious.

Treatment after the surgery
In 48 hours after the surgery for less swelling or bruised eyelid.
1. No need to rest. Able to go back to work straightaway.
2. Frequently put the cold pack and the warm pack alternately around the eyes.

Additional Suggestions
1. In case of having external suture, do not let it touch water until taking the stitches off.
2. In case of having external wound from liposuction, do not let the wound touch water for 2 days.
3. In the first week after the surgery, the eyelid will be flattened fast. Both eyes may be flattened unequally but it will balance slowly and be back to normal within 1 month after the surgery. 

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