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“Bangmod Nose" is a special technique, which emphasizes natural look and softness with curve around the nasal ridge and Tear-drop at the nose tip. The doctor will use twistable and soft silicone to support under the bone membrane for a natural result, which will be different from normal hard silicone that makes the nose look unnatural. 

How to make the nose look beautiful?
When talking about a nose job, everyone wants the beauty and a natural prominent nose. Of course, at Bangmod Hospital, you will not be disappointed since the doctors use nose augmentation surgery that addresses the concerns of nervous patients by focusing on natural beauty with good proportions so that the nose will have a more dimensional look. Also, Dr.Thananchai has the experience and expertise and skillful in this particular matter. Therefore, those who want a nose job should consider this hospital. 

How to make the nose look beautiful? The answer is that the proportions and the surgery are very important. Normally, we call it the golden ratio. It is the calculation of ratio and the level of the nose bridge that needs to be supplemented and is internationally acceptable, but also maintains the outstanding features of each person’s face to have uniqueness. The principle of the golden ratio is:

1. The standard length of the nose that is not too long or not too short, in which it should be in the ratio of 1/3 of the facial length. For the width of the nasal flare, it should be in the ratio of 1/5 of the facial length. The distance between the nose and the mouth is 1:1.6. 

2. The most important point is the beginning point of the nose. The most suitable and the most beautiful point is along the eyelashes, which will provide more natural look than other levels. However, the doctor will adjust or shape to be appropriate with eye distance and facial features of each person. 

3. The slope or prominence that is not too much is 36-40 degrees. If lower, the nose will look flattened or look like there is no nose bridge at all. If the angle is too much, the nose will be too prominent and not beautiful. The angle between the nose and the forehead is 135-140 degrees, which is the most appropriate.
4. The angle between the nose and the grove above the lips is 90-95 degrees in males and 95-100 degrees in females. Only these angles will make you look beautiful and handsome. Moreover, perfection is in the 5shape of the nostrils, which must look similarly like beans with a comparable ratio with the height of the nose tip of 4:6. This is considered to be excellent. 

Alar plasty (Suture technique)

Alar plasty (Sature technique) can narrow the nasal flare and nostrils to become proportionate with the face by using “Bangmod Techniques"  The doctor will use a special suture technique by hiding it inside the nose so that there will be no wound outside the nose, which is different from normal nasal flare surgery where the suture will be at the side of the nasal flare, which creates a long wound and looks unnatural. 

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