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Face lift is the reduction of some wrinkles for tighter skin. Wrinkles come from old age, heredity, or environment. The differentiation depends on the tissue and the skin nourishment of each person. Face lifting by “Bangmod Techniques” uses a local anesthetic so that clients will not have complications from inhaling an anesthetic like in normal surgery, especially for elder patients. For “Bangmod Techniques”, the doctor will pull the muscle layer within the face, which results in looking more natural than other methods that pull only the skin layer causing a high chance for the skin to become loose again. Face lifting by “Bangmod Techniques” provides a more permanent result, which gives you a younger look and can reduce your age by 10-20 years. Moreover, it takes only 2-3 hours for the surgery and causes less bruising and only 1 day for recuperation before going home. 

- Before the surgery for 2 weeks, for those who have high blood pressure, control it to be normal. 
- Before the surgery for 2 weeks, abstain from smoking, drinking alcohol, and taking aspirin. 
- For those who need an anesthetic, abstain from water and food for 6 hours before the surgery.
How is the face lift surgery performed? 
It can be done using an anesthetic or local anesthetic, depending on the client’s need and discretion of the doctor. The surgery takes about 2 hours. There will be a wound on the scalp above the front and back of ears. After the wound is healed, there will be less scar. You will not see the scar if you are not trying to notice it. After the surgery, you have to stay at the hospital for 1 day and are able to go back to work 10 days after the surgery. If there is much fat under the chin, it can be sucked or the fat under the chin reduced together with face lift surgery. Then recuperate and watch perfection return to your face. 
1. Lay down in the Fowler position to reduce swelling.
2. Able to wash your hair 2 days after the surgery.
3. Take the stitches off 5-7 days after the surgery. 

Nowadays, there are many new techniques for face lifts that are popular in Japan. They include  face lift under the skin called SMAS (SUPERFICIAL MUSCOLO-APONEUROTIC SYSTEM). It is a suitable face lift technique for the oriental face. Since it is the lifting under the skin, it creates a natural look and requires less skin cutting. The result is that there will be less bruising than traditional surgery and less scar. With this technique, patients will recuperate at the hospital only 1-2 days or can go home straightaway with less swelling and can go back to work within 1 week. 
When getting older, the face will change with more wrinkles, more nasolabial folds, and lower cheek pouch. These changes can be improved by face lift surgery. However, when time goes by, these changes mentioned above will still exist. For those who a younger age, these changes will be slower. Therefore, after the first face lift surgery in older patients, the second or the third surgery might be needed after 5-10 years. The second face lift surgery will have a scar at the same place as the first surgery with difference in details. The surgery will be more difficult than the first time since there will be fibrosis from the first surgery and the fat layer on the face will be thinner, especially in the second face lift surgery within 1 year. The second face lifting surgery being for older patients, therefore requires much preparation before the surgery. 
The treatment after the surgery is not different from the first surgery. For example, lay down in the Fowler position to reduce swelling, wash your hair 2 days after the surgery, and take the stitches off 5-7 days after the surgery. In conclusion, the 2nd or 3rd face lift surgery can be done with similar results and safety as in the first surgery.
Face lift surgery by “Bangmod Techniques” can be summarized as follow:
1. Inject the local anesthetic instead of inhaling, which will be safer, especially in older people since there will be no risk of complications from inhaling the anesthetic.
2. Quicker operation time, only 2-3 hours. The tissue will be less bruised and patients will require less recuperation time, going back to normal quicker. 
3. Face lifting in the deep layer (SMAS), which will provide more natural and permanent results. 
4. Able to choose the problem area that needs the surgery. The face can be divided into 4 parts, which are:
4.1 Temporal lift to raise the brow and correct crow’s feet around the brow, which will tighten the upper face and raise the cheekbone.
4.2 Midface lift to raise the cheekbone, which will tighten the middle area of the face. 
4.3 SMASectomy+plication to correct the nasolabial fold and marionette line, which will tighten the lower face. The jowl will be raised, providing the V-shape look. 
4.4 Neck lift will tighten the throat and reduce the slack and neck wattle. 

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