Lip Surgery

3-Dimensional Chestnut-Shaped Lip

“Bangmod Techniques” can make the lip to have a chestnut shape without cutting the flesh around the lips, preventing too thin a lip that will reveal the teeth or a gummy smile, which may be caused by a chestnut-shaped lip with normal techniques which cuts the flesh at the side of the lip and may cause the lip to not close tightly, having thin lips, and a gummy smile. A beautiful 3-dimensional chestnut-shaped lip should have a slight bulge in the middle of the upper lip, which provides more dimension and increases the charm of the lips. The doctor will suture with absorbable suture and hide the wound inside the mouth. The wound will heal quickly and look natural. 

Mouth Corner Lift
The mouth corner lift in normal methods will cut the mouth corner to make a lifting groove, which will create a long wound and may look unnatural. It also has the chance to have a hypertrophic scar and deformity of the mouth. With Bangmod Hospital’s mouth corner lift technique, the mouth corner can be lifted up naturally according to each person’s shape of mouth with both internal and external wound and “3-dimensional chestnut-shaped lip” can be performed perfectly. 

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